School of Psychology

Consultancy and Research Evaluation

Members of the Social & Applied Group are available for professional consultation in any area of their expertise.

In particular, we are interested in collaborating with public and private sector organisations in the following activities:

  • Evaluation of policy interventions in health, education and social policy fields (Contact: Rupert Brown, Helga Dittmar)
    Individual and organizational behaviour change (Contact: Richard De Visser, Paul Sparks).
  • Systematic reviews of evidence relating to social phenomena, e.g. meaningful interaction, materialism and well-being. (Contact: Rod Bond)
  • Provision of specialized training workshops in social research statistics and methodology, especially longitudinal research, structural equation modeling, meta-analysis, multi-level modelling, behaviour change, qualitative research including phenomenological analysis and discourse analysis (Contact: Rod Bond).
  • Continued Professional Development provision for professionals working in areas of crowd management - i.e. emergency services, business continuity, event managers and health psychologists (Contact: John Drury).
  • Digital connectedness: working with digital companies to use digital technologies and practices to support the creation of an informed democracy, cultural understanding and inclusive communities (Contact: John Drury)