School of Psychology

Social and Applied Psychology

Social and Applied Psychology Research Group Leader: Professor Pete Harris

Social and Applied Psychology is a field that concerns itself with the attitudes and behaviour of people in their social environments. Above all, it focuses on how people’s relationships - with others in their groups or with those who belong to different groups – affect behaviour and in turn, how relationships are affected by the social context in which people find themselves. The Social & Applied Psychology Group is one of the largest groups of social and applied social psychologists in the UK. Its work is concerned with theory development, testing, and application in the following four main areas. 

Health Psychology and Behaviour change

The application of social psychology to behaviour change techniques and various health-related and environmental behaviours. 
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Identity, Culture, and Well-being

This group conducts research into the interplay of cultural values, personal and social identity and well-being. 
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Intergroup relations, Group processes and Collective behaviour

Researching people’s behaviour in group settings, both towards those in their own groups and towards those in other groups. 
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Pro-social and Pro-environmental Behaviour

Investigating the factors which lead people to take actions that impact positively on the well-being of others. 
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