School of Psychology

Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive Psychology Research Group Leader: Dr Sophie Forster
The Cognitive Group has wide-ranging interests in Language and Communication, including Mammal Vocal Communication, Learning, Memory, Attention, Visual Perception and Cognition, and Consciousness. As well as normal adult cognition we study both developmental issues and various pathologies. We use a variety of techniques, including traditional behavioural methods, and modern neuroscientific methods, such as EEG/ERP, TMS, and fMRI.

Language and Communication

We study language comprehension in children and adults, and categorisation in infants and young children. We use a variety of experimental and computational modelling techniques.
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Attention, Visual Perception and Cognition

We study how the brain constructs visual percepts from sensory input, how visual attention modulates the percepts and how these percepts support social cognition.
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Mammal Vocal Communication and Cognition

We specialize in using acoustic analysis and playback or psychoacoustic experiments to address novel questions about vocal communication and cognitive abilities in mammals, including humans.
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Learning, Memory and Consciousness 

We investigate implicit learning (including computational simulations or learning), awareness of knowledge states, memory and consciousness across the lifespan, eye-witness testimony and long-term memory.
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