My interests are broadly in group processes and intergroup relations. I am pursuing seven related strands of research:

1. Prejudice and prejudice reduction through intergroup contact. More generally, I am interested in discovering factors which promote more favourable intergroup attitudes in a variety of contexts (e.g. national, interethnic, indigenous and non-indigenous).

2. Intergroup emotions and especially the role that guilt and shame (at both an individual and collective level) play in determining people's response to outgroup members.

3. Acculturation processes, especially in ethnic minority-majority contexts; factors that promote more effective integration of majority group members and various minority groups (ethnic, immigrant, refugee, asylum-seekers)

4. Social identity processes and their relationship to various social phenomena.

5. Hate crime, especially its direct and indirect effects on victims.

6. Team-building in organisations.

7. Biography of Henri Tajfel (1919-1982)


I currently supervise 1 doctoral student, Sarah Woodhouse.

Current research grants:

"The indirect experience of hate crime: the victim group response", Leverhulme Trust (with Mark Walters).

"Optimising refugee resettlement in the UK: a comparative analysis", ESRC (with Mike Collyer and Linda Morrice).

"Henri Tajfel: His life, his work and his legacy", Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship, 2016-2019.

I also collaborate with,

Hanna Zagefka (Royal Holloway, University of London) on acculturation processes and factors affecting charitable donations.

Roberto Gonzalez (Pontifica University, Santiago, Chile) on intergroup relations between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples.

Sabina Cehajic (Sarajevo School of Science and Technology) on post-conflict intergroup reconciliation in Bosnia.

Adam Rutland (Goldsmiths) and Krista Aronson (Bates College, USA) on acculturation processes in young children.

Cristina Stefanile, Camilla Matera and Jacopo Grisolaghi (Firenze University, Italy) on interventions to reduce prejudice in young children

Karen Phalet and Gulseli Baysu (Leuven University, Belgium) on acculturation and educational performance

Jeremy Holt (Centre for Team Excellence, Brighton) on team-building in organisations.