Research Interests

My research interests centre on the study of appetite, with projects ranging from studies of physiological controls of appetite, the role of learning in development of food preferences and effects of common food and drink constituents on mood and cognitive performance. You can fund more details on the Sussex Ingestive Behaviour Group web-page.

With funding from both UK research councils (BBSRC) and industry, my current team are focussing on projects designed to produce methodology that will allow the food industry to develop products which maximise satiety and so help consumers control their intake.  Another major focus is the interaction between expectations and consequences: for example, does an expectation that a food will be filling enhance satiety, or that a drink will boost energy increase the effectiveness of ingredients such as caffeine?

Recent and current funded work includes:

3-year research project exploring odour-taste learning, funded by Leverhulme

4-year studentship examining the role of expectations in consumer responses to reduced alcohol products, funded by Fund Baillet Latour

We also undertake short-term projects and consultancy with the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Our work has implications for understanding both the increase in obesity worldwide, and the concomitant rise in eating disorders.