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Sussex psychologist provides vital public information in the fight against Covid-19

Professor John Drury

A psychologist at the University of Sussex has played a key role in contributing scientific research for the newly formed ‘Coronavirus: The Science Explained’ website, launched by UK Research & Innovation (UKRI) this week.

The website is set to provide the most authoritative scientific information available on the constantly evolving Coronavirus outbreak. It allows public access to up-to-date scientific information on the evidence and facts about the virus and its control. The website hosts a number of short articles, written by leading scientists – many of whom are currently advising government as part of the SAGE committee on its approach to tackling the pandemic.

Professor John Drury from the School of Psychology at the University of Sussex has contributed to an article featured on the website. Professor Drury is an expert in crowd psychology, including how groups of people behave in emergencies. As a behavioural scientist, he has participated in one of the subgroups to the Government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE).

The website is intended to be a reliable data source for interested parties across the UK - from the general public seeking more information on the virus, to researchers in related fields who think their own research may be able to make a useful contribution to the response.

Professor Drury said: “The public can use the site to find accessible summaries of the latest research, as well as the evidence against some of the myths that surround human behaviour in emergencies.”

Separately, Professor Drury has also been awarded a £700,000 grant by UKRI for a new research project on facilitating the public response to Covid-19.

UKRI Chief Executive, Sir Mark Walport, said: “Throughout this crisis it’s vital that people have access to up-to-date scientific information and evidence. The Coronavirus: The Science Explained website is uniquely positioned to provide the latest science behind coronavirus in accessible language, offering a trusted and impartial resource to anyone who needs it. We are enormously grateful to the experts from the University of Sussex who have contributed to this endeavour.”

To view the latest and most trustworthy scientific information on Coronavirus, visit

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By: Anna Ford
Last updated: Wednesday, 24 June 2020