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University of Sussex named among best in the country for range of subjects

1 October 2020

American Studies, Art History, Drama, Dance and Cinematics, Criminology and Education ranked top ten in the Sunday Times Good University Guide 2021.

Binge-drinkers’ brains have to work harder to feel empathy for others

10 September 2020

New research shows that binge-drinkers’ brains have to put more effort into trying to feel empathy for other people in pain.

Busy tasks reduce thoughts about chocolate, even whilst hungry

4 September 2020

Finding a way to forget about chocolate in the kitchen may not be as difficult as first thought, new research from Sussex psychologists has found.

Psychology lecturer awarded two prestigious fellowships in as many months

18 August 2020

Dr Wendy Garnham, a senior Psychology lecturer, has been recognised for her efforts to foster educational change and promote active learning.

Ingenuity - Impact through enterprise

13 August 2020

Launching in September, Ingenuity is seeking students and alumni who are interested in setting up an impact-led business to invest over £400,000.

TV-watching snackers beware: you won’t notice you’re full if your attention is elsewhere

12 August 2020

Eating while doing something perceptually demanding makes it more difficult to notice when you feel full - new research from the University of Sussex.

Jobs for the boys: How children give voice to gender stereotyped job roles

28 July 2020

Children, and especially boys, show stronger stereotyping about masculine and feminine jobs than previously suspected.

Student feedback helps to protect UK woodlands

23 July 2020

Thanks to the finalists who responded in the 2020 National Student Survey, the University is donating £4,506 to the Woodland Trust.

Graduation 2020: the mixture of South Downs, the beach and the Lanes means there’s lots of explore at Sussex

23 July 2020

Jade Samways has graduated with a first class degree in Psychology. She tells us why she loves Sussex and how her supervisor inspired her.

Comic books and problem-solving school counsellors are secret weapons in India’s youth mental health crisis

21 July 2020

Academics from Sussex and Harvard Medical School have been working on one of the world’s largest school mental health research programmes.

Items 21 to 30 of 248

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