School of Psychology

Student Mentors

Find out about Student Mentors based in the school and how they can help you.

About Student Mentors

Mentors are students themselves, both undergraduate and postgraduate.

They have been through the worries and difficulties of studying and are here to share their insight and skills with other students. Mentors are trained and are paid for their work. Psychology student mentors are current Psychology students.

The Mentoring Scheme provides all students with support on a range of academic issues. Mentors can help with big and small problems. The scheme provides an opportunity for students to discuss difficulties and develop skills specific to Psychology.

What they can help you with

Student Mentors can assist with:

  • essay structuring
  • preparing lab reports
  • advice on texts and reading lists
  • revisions skills and planning
  • specific questions
  • confidence and work worries
  • time management
  • help with presentations
  • computing and the web.

How to get help from a student mentor

The Psychology Student Mentors provide support to UG and PG students via email and 1-2-1 meetings over Zoom. To contact them or book in a meeting please email



How to become a mentor

Student Mentors provide support to their fellow students who are seeking assistance with their studies. Training for this role will be provided. Successful candidates will be working in an experienced team and expected to work a couple of hours a week. Currently, all Student Mentor advice to students is given via email and over Zoom.

Please see the job description

Recruitment for Student Mentors takes place in June/July of every year. We have now recruited our mentors for 20/21.