School of Psychology


You can find information here on general placements that the University offers and clinical placements with NHS Trusts and charities that are specific to Psychology undergraduate students.

How completing a placement year can help you

  • Consolidation and application of academic learning
  • Knowledge of how an organisation works
  • Professional work experience to increase attractiveness to future employers
  • Greater career awareness and focus on career choice


When you would complete your placement

You would complete your placement year after you have completed your second year of study. Start dates typically occur between July-September. After completing your placement year you would return for your final year of study.

All undergraduates within the School are eligible to complete a placement year. If you join us on a 3-year programme you will be transferred onto the 4 year “with a professional placement year” route once you secure a placement.


Example placement opportunities

Psychology as a subject is very broad and lends itself to a wide variety of careers. Example placements include:

  • Honorary Psychologist
  • Research Assistant
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Human resources/recruitment
  • Student Analyst
  • Teaching Assistant/Trainee SEN Teacher
  • Support Worker


Example organisations/settings include:

  • NHS Trusts
  • Charities
  • Other universities/research organisations
  • Schools
  • Prisons/secure hospitals
  • Industry/big business


Clinical Psychology and Charity placements

The School of Psychology offers placement opportunities within clinical psychology through the Sussex Partnership NHS Trust and other NHS trusts in London and the south-east. The School also has a number of opportunities to complete a placement within local charities and as a Research Assistant working alongside a member of faculty. These opportunities are provided for Psychology students only.

Where to find placement information

You will automatically be added to the 'Psychology Placement Information' Canvas site when you start the course. This is run by the Psychology placement team and includes a database of live psychology placement opportunities to apply for. All placement opportunities that are currently available (not just psychology specific) can be found on Careerhub, with further information on placements on the Careers and Employability centre website.

Alongside the advertised placement roles, students are also encouraged to find and secure their own placement. This is particularly relevant for students who may have a specific school/charity/NHS trust back home that they wish to work for. The Placement Convenor is able to support you make the first contact with the organisation and provide more information to them about the placement year. All students wishing to find their own placement should discuss this first with the Placement Convenor.

If you have any psychology placement questions please email:


Completing a placement year

You will complete learning logs to record your progress on placement throughout the year which also helps you to complete the assessment at the end of the placement. You are assigned a placement tutor from within the school who gives feedback on your learning logs and visits you in your placement setting. On successful completion of your assessment and placement year, 'with a Professional Placement Year' will be added to your course title.

Placements within business and industry will be paid (i.e. you will receive a salary). Placements within charities and the NHS tend to be unpaid; however, they may offer to cover travel expenses. Students completing unpaid placements would be able to apply for the usual loans available to you on a normal year of the course. Tuition fees for the professional placement year are usually 20% of the normal course fee. For more information on financial aspects of a placement year please contact the Student Life Centre.


If you are considering a placement year

The Careers and Employability Centre run a 'Placements Preparation Programme'. The programme includes:

  • An introductory talk
  • 'Planning Your Placement Year' - an online resource which includes a CV review
  • Employer events and workshops
  • Weekly emails from the Sussex Placements Team
  • Placements advertisement
  • Careers Fair

The Careers and Employability Centre also offer help with completing placement application forms and preparing for placement interviews. Appointments can be booked through Careerhub and students can see how many appointments are available and when. The dedicated Careers Consultant for Psychology is Vicky Raynard, therefore, we recommend you book an appointment with her if possible. At busier times of the year, you should book an appointment with any available consultant.

You can book on the day (subject to availability) or book in advance, or by phone or by submitting a question.

Alongside support from the Careers and Employability Centre, the Psychology placement team will also arrange timetabled sessions to support you in finding a placement. Example sessions include how to find a placement, how to tailor your CV, and how to succeed at interviews. These sessions are open to all students interested in completing a placement year and are specific to psychology.

If you have any psychology placement questions please email: