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Course Transfer process in the Psychology School

This page provides guidance on the course transfer process and a link to the course transfer application form for students wishing to transfer to a course owned by the School of Psychology only.

Guidance on Course Transfers for Undergraduate Students. 

The guidance contains important information about the criteria for considering applications and the implications of transferring, so please read this page fully before proceeding to the application form.

Please note that the application to transfer form is only for students who wish to change their whole degree course effective in the current academic year.

If you wish to remain on your existing course but add or remove a placement or study abroad year, please contact your School Office If you are a postgraduate student and wish to transfer courses, please contact the postgraduate team you wish to change a module within your course, please contact your School Office. 

Important information for ALL students considering a transfer:

  • Students on an undergraduate degree may apply to transfer into the same stage of a different degree, or to transfer back to an earlier stage. 
  • You will need to gain 120 credits for each stage of your course to be awarded a degree. If you wish to transfer without restarting your current stage/semester on your new course, you will need to complete all assessments for your current stage/semester to gain the credits required. If you were due to take any trailed assessments from a previous stage, you will still need to take these unless you are restarting the stage to which they originally belonged.
  • Students on a Foundation course may apply to transfer onto a different Foundation course, or they may apply to transfer onto a degree course for which they meet entry requirements. If you transfer onto a degree course for which they meet the entry requirements. If you transfer onto a degree course for which you have met the entry requirements, you do not need to complete your Foundation course, but may do so if you wish to.
  • If you transfer back to an earlier stage you will be asked to sign a Learning Agreement (please see Academic Quality and Partnerships for details). University regulations normally allow a maximum of two years to complete a stage of study (for full-time students), including where you have transferred course. The purpose of the Learning Agreement is to monitor and encourage engagement with your new course.
  • Transfers back to an earlier stage of study may have implications for fees and funding. For further information, please contact  Please note that as a returning student you will not be entitled to university housing and will have to make your own arrangements for accommodation.
  • If you transfer back to an earlier stage of study any marks and credits achieved will not be retained for progression and award purposes. 
  • Once you are on a degree-level course (i.e. not a Foundation Year) a maximum period of registration applies. For an undergraduate course, this is usually the standard length of your course plus three years.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Transfers 

Can I change my degree course within my current school?

If you wish to transfer to another degree course within the School of Psychology (including adding and dropping a minor) please complete the form via this link. The deadline for this is the end of the second teaching week for each term. If you are transferring from another school, you can only transfer into the first year of psychology. 

Where can I request a change of my Placement year?

Please do not use the transfer form to request a change to your placement year. Please contact the placements team directly at

I want to change courses restarting from the First year?

Students wanting to change course and restart in the new academic year. Please contact the Student Progress and Records Team for the relevant information as they will be able to advise you regarding this process. If you wish to take temporary withdrawal and restart your first year then please contact a student life advisor at The Student Life centre

How do I check the Entry requirements for a Psychology course I want to change to?

To check the entry requirements for the Psychology course that you wish to transfer onto please check the Undergraduate prospectus Undergraduate Prospectus for Psychology and Cognitive Science.  This will give you the information about the entry requirements for each course.

What if I want to transfer to another school?

If you wish to transfer to another course within a different school, we advise that you speak to the new school and request their course transfer form. They will be able to advise you their transferring process.

Transferring onto Psychology with a minor 

There are a list Psychology courses with minors. Please see below the list of these modules.

BSc in Psychology with Business and Management - This course will provide you with knowledge in a wide range of areas within psychology and you will also gain an understanding of business and management. Please see here for details Psychology with Business and Management

BSc in Psychology with Clinical Approaches - This course will provide you with valuable knowledge in different areas within psychology combine with exploring specific clinical conditions. Please see details here Psychology with Clinical Approaches 

Bsc in Psychology with Neuroscience - This course will provide you with knowledge in a wide range of areas within psychology. It also provides a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the relationship between mind and brain. Please see here for details Psychology with Neuroscience

BSc in Psychology with Criminology- This course will provide you with a range of areas within psychology with combine learning from criminology experts. Please see here for details Psychology with Criminology


Can I transfer into Psychology year 2 from another School?

Unfortunately, in Psychology we do not accept transfers from outside of the School into second year. As the Psychology course is accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS), students are required to complete all core modules across year 1 and 2.

I still have additional questions relating to a Psychology course?

If you have any other questions regarding the courses within Psychology, then we advise that you contact the Director of Recruitment and Admissions Eleanor Miles at