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Psychology assessments

Information about assessment, submission of work and exams as well as documents to help with your studies and module marks.

Submitting your work

If you're an undergraduate or postgraduate Psychology student, you'll usually be asked to submit assessments electronically where assessments are text-based, for example, an essay.

Find out about how to submit your work and the process for getting marks and feedback.


Use the internet-based text-matching service, Turnitin, before you submit your assessments. This may help you identify problems with your referencing.

See more about using Turnitin.

PG Cert and PG Dip courses

Sussex Direct will give information on whether the work needs to be submitted to the school office or to a tutor or through a module study direct site.

Where coursework is to be submitted to the the Psychology School Office in Pevensey 1 2a13, two copies of each piece of coursework need to be submitted.

The relevant coversheets are available in the office and a coversheet needs to be need to be completed for each copy.

Late penalties

If you miss an assessment deadline, there might be a late penalty.

Find out about late submission.

Exceptional circumstances claims

The University acknowledges that as students go through the process of examination and assessment, there may be temporary, sudden and unforeseen circumstances which affect their performance in assessment.

We have a procedure for managing how the impact of these circumstances can be taken into consideration.

Find out about making an exceptional circumstances claim.

Plagiarism and collusion – academic misconduct

Plagiarism is the use, without acknowledgement, of the intellectual work of other people and the act of representing the ideas or discoveries of another as one’s own written work submitted for assessment.

Collusion is the preparation or production of work for assessment jointly with another person or persons unless explicitly permitted by the examiners. An act of collusion is understood to encompass those who actively assist others as well as those who derive benefit from others.

Find out how to avoid plagiarism and collusion.

Read our assessment regulations.


Sample papers can help you prepare for an exam. All modules have a sample paper available to students to complete prior to the exam. Please refer to the individual module Canvas site to find a sample paper. 

See more about attending and sitting an exam.

If you can't attend an exam due to illness or an event beyond your control, check the exceptional circumstances procedure.


If you need to retake an exam, find out about Psychology resits and sits.

See all information about resitting an exam on the Student Hub.

Managing your studies and competing your work

If you need help studying, managing your time or writing a good essay, there is plenty of guidance.

Check out:

Assessment marking criteria

These can be found alongside Assessment information within indivudal module Canvas sites. If there is not one provided for an assessment of a particular module, then you should ask the convenor of that module to make it available there.

The assessment marking criteria may vary from one School to another. Your work will be assessed based on the criteria for the School that owns the module.