School of Psychology

Resit and Sit information 2022

Find out when Psychology results will be available and when sits and resits will be scheduled.


Your results will be available on Sussex Direct on the following dates:

  • Final year classification and module results - Tuesday 21 June 12:00
  • Progression results published - Wednesday 6 July: (8:00 stage 3 (placements),10:00 stage 2, 12:00 stages 0+1)
  • PGT S2 module results - Wednedsay 13 July 14:00
  • UG resit results - Thursday 8 September 8:00
  • PGT results published - Wedensday 19 October 14:00

Resit information will be available at the same time as the release of your module results. You will receive an email shortly after, confirming details of any sits or resits you need to complete.

If you are offered a sit or a resit, you will need to take the resit mode approved by your School (such as an exam or an assessment submission).

Exam sits and resits

The A3 Assessment Period will take place on and between Monday 8 August - Saturday 20 August 2022.

Details of the date and time of your exam assessment will appear on your Sussex Direct 'Assessment Deadlines & Exam Timetable' pages, late July.

Coursework sits and resits

Dates for submission will appear on your Sussex Direct assessment timetable.

Please check your assessment timetable on Sussex Direct for the correct resit submission point.

If you did not make a submission of an assessment at the original time it was due, you may be able to complete and submit that original work: This is only if the original attempt was a non-submission and does not apply to any original submission that was actually made, and subsequently marked (Please note: this will not always be possible for every assessment, in some cases cohort feedback has been released, which would give students an unfair advantage if completing that same work. Please refer to the Canvas Module Assessment pages after the official marks release date for your year group). The original assessment briefings can be found on the Canvas pages for each module, if you need to refer back to those. For all other circumstances, the briefings listed as A3, or Resit, on the module Canvas page must be used when completing assessments for the A3 period. 

Please visit the Canvas module site for an assessment, to find the sit and resit questions for A3 2021-2022. These should be posted shortly after the official release of the marks (the dates listed at the top of this page). If you are trailing a module from the previous year, please contact the module convenor and the School Office ( to confirm whether you will be attempting this year's assessment or will require one that is tailored to the year you were taught.


For further information see the University's regulations or check our resit information on the Student Hub.

Email if you have any queries.