Crowds and Identities: John Drury’s Research Group



Photo of John Drury
John Drury

Reader in Social Psychology 
John conducts research on crowds, collective action, social movements, mass emergencies and disasters, crowding and crowd safety.

Photo of Sanj ChoudhurySanj Choudhury

Project Support Assistant 
Sanj completed her MSc and BSc dissertations under John's supervision, and is now the Project Support Assistant for the ESRC-funded Beyond Contagion project.

Photo of Patricio SaavedraPatricio Saavedra 

PhD Student  
Patricio focuses his research on protesters' behaviour, and how it can be affected by the perceptions of the political context.

Photo of Evangelos NtontisEvangelos Ntontis

PhD Student 
Evangelos uses the social identity approach to study group processes in community responses to flooding, community resilience, and well-being.

Photo of Khalifah AlfadhliKhalifah Alfadhli

PhD Student 
Khalifah is conducting a research project about psycho-social support among the Syrian refugees in Jordan, using the social identity approach.


Photo of Anne TempletonAnne Templeton

PhD Student 
Anne creates computer models of collective behaviour in crowds using self-categorization theory.

Photo of Sara VestergrenSara Vestergren

PhD Student  
Sara's research lies within the social identity tradition with a focus and interest in crowds and collective action.

Photo of Roger Ball.Roger Ball 

Research Fellow
Roger is currently working on the ESRC-funded 'Beyond Contagion' project. 

Photo of Fergus Neville.Fergus Neville 

Research Fellow
Fergus is currently working on the ESRC-funded 'Beyond Contagion' project. 

Photo of Hani Alnabulsi
Hani Alnabulsi

Hani is Director of the Department of Civil Protection and Head of the Engineering & Projects Department for the annual Hajj in Saudi Arabia. His research is on the crowd psychology of  safety and positive experience at the Hajj.


Photo of Holly Carter
Holly Carter

Holly is a Research Fellow at the Emergency Response Department, Public Health England. She is currently engaged in projects embedding her research findings on communication and crowd behaviour in CBRN mass decontamination in the guidance and training of emergency response organizations.

Photo of David NovelliDavid Novelli

David has interests in behavioural and emotional components of personal space and crowding, management of crowds in mass emergencies, and the role of social identity processes in people's experience of depression. 

Photo of Andrea BartolucciAndrea Bartolucci

PostDoc Research Fellow at Anglia Ruskin University (LIQUEFACT Project)
Andrea's work is focused on survivors' behavior in the immediate aftermath of a disaster and disaster education.

Photo of Isabella von SiversIsabella von Sivers

Visiting PhD Student from Technische Universität München and Munich University of Applied Sciences
Isabella is a computer scientist, mathematician, and mainly modeller of pedestrian dynamics, with the focus on incorporation of psycho-social aspects into evacuation simulation.

Photo of Michael Seitz
Michael Seitz

Visiting PhD Student from Technische Universität München
Michael is studying mathematical modelling of pedestrian and crowd behaviour for computer simulations.

Photo of Sander OoginkSander Oogink

Visiting MSc Student 
Sander is interested in group dynamics and crowd behaviour in irregular situations.

A photo of Dandy.Dandy 

Dandy is the offical mascot for the Crowds & Identities research group. Due to the fact that he is a doggo, it is unlikely Dandy will produce any publishable research. However, he remains a valued member of the team.