Crowds and Identities: John Drury’s Research Group



Photo of John Drury
John Drury

Professor of Social Psychology 
John conducts research on crowds, collective action, social movements, mass emergencies and disasters, crowding and crowd safety.

Photo of Sanj ChoudhurySanj Choudhury

Research Assistant 
Sanj is currently working on the ESRC-funded Stampedes project, the UKRI-funded Groups and COVID project, and is the editor of this website.

Photo of Freya MillsFreya Mills

PhD student  
Freya's research will be exploring whether support groups and group identification can help mitigate negative health outcomes and improve wellbeing for those with Long COVID. 

Photo of Dermot BarrDermot Barr

Research Fellow 
Dermot is the Research Fellow on  the ESRC-funded Stampedes project.  

Photo of Louise DavidsonLouise Davidson

PhD Student
Louise’s research will be applying the Social Identity Approach to investigate the ways emergency responders work together both within and between different response organisations, in order to enhance interoperability during major incidents.

Photo of Carina Hoerst
Carina Hoerst

PhD Student
Carina's research focuses on on racially and religiously hate-motivated attacks.

Photo of Susie BallentyneSusie Ballentyne

PhD Student
Susie's research interests include social identity, resilience, and post-migration stress and wellbeing.

Photo of Peanut.Peanut

Mascot/Pet Therapist
Peanut is a rescue dog, and the offical mascot for the Crowds & Identities research group. Due to the fact that she is a dog, it is unlikely that Peanut will produce any publishable research, a fact that Professor Drury has now come to terms with. Peanut has also dabbled in pet therapy, providing students and staff in the School of Psychology with cuddles and friendship in times of stress.