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The crowd is at the centre of social life: national and international events, social change and civic celebration, major incidents and everyday life – all involve experiences with crowds. In the past, social scientists claimed that the crowd was a source of social ills and social dysfunction. In a number of disciplines and topic areas, crowd researchers have moved away from this narrow, unidirectional view. Our research is a series of interlinked studies which seeks to provide a theoretical framing for our multiple experiences of crowd events.

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Social psychologist at the University of Sussex specialising in crowds & collective behaviour. Editor (with Hanna Zagefka) British Journal of Social Psychology.

Arrived @Hants_fire for the training session today

RT @JosephKay76: It's cool how driving HE to market has totally unpredictably led to cramming 35 people into rooms for 24 and instea……

@rolsi_journal Thanks Charles.

The key messages at this FRS training come from Holly Carter's research, which is summarised in these papers:……

Today @DrRichardAmlot and I are working with @Hants_fire as part of @NFCC_FireChiefs national resilience training,……

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