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Learning goals, learning transfer and dynamic assessment (Victoria Bonnett)

As an undergraduate Victoria explored Vygotsky's theory of a zone of proximal development and how this may benefit children's transfer ability. Her Phd focus is to consolidate her findings with an emphasis on strategy transfer Picture of EGoals and the role learning goal orientation may play in forming strategies as well as transferring them. Some children are able to access information from previous knowledge and are able to transfer this awareness to new learning, therefore utilizing important strategies.  For other children this ability to transfer learning may be dependent upon having recognized a strategy, or attributing the usefulness of a particular strategy to a new subject and may not be an easily accessible, inherent process.  As highlighted by the E-Goals study conducted by Amanda Harris, the ability to seek appropriate help is part of being able to negotiate a suitable strategy, but the ability to transfer that help into a constructive tool for reaching a goal is also a necessary strategy and one which Victoria is exploring.