Chat Lab

ChatLab Associates

Yvonne Rogers

Yvonne Rogers is Professor of Interaction Design and director of UCLIC at UCL. Her research interests are in the areas of ubiquitous computing, interaction design and human-computer interaction.

Rowanne Fleck

I worked as a Research Fellow on the ShareIT project. With a background in AI, Psychology and HCI, I explored ways that technology - including our new tabletop computer - might support children's collocated collaboration. My PhD looked at how wearing a digital stills camera (SenseCam) could support trainee teachers reflecting on their practice.

William Farr

I trained as a Primary school teacher at the University at Sussex and worked in schools for twelve years. During that time I worked in Tottori Prefecture in Japan, completed an MA in Education, and finished the National Professional Qualification for Headship. From 2008-2010 I did a PhD in Psychology within the CHaTlab at the University of Sussex. I became research fellow at the London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education, working on the development of a smartphone application for children, and then worked on the development of multi-mode methodologies for the analysis of prototype technology. I now work in the NHS.

Amanda Carr (nee Harris)

I am a senior lecturer in Developmental Psychology at Canterbury Christ Church University and a visiting Research Fellow in the ChaT Lab. I am interested in individual differences in children's achievement motivation, particularly the influence of mastery and performance goals on behaviour. I was a co-investigator on the E-goals project and have also worked on ShareIT.

Steve Hinske

I am involved with the AKC project, which I developed during my PhD studies at ETH, Zurich. My research looked at how current information and communication technologies can be used to digitally augment traditional play environments.

Julie Coultas

I am a visiting research fellow in psychology. My main research interests are social influence, imitation, play and emotional development. My empirical work is influenced by theories of cultural evolution and evolutionary psychology. I also work with media companies and do consultancy for a toy company. For information about my current research, please visit Myths, Morphs and Memes

Tamas Borbely

Having worked as a psychology research assistant at the University of London and as a statistician in the Government Statistical Service, I returned to Sussex to embark on a DPhil in psychology.  My research focusses on how technologically-augmented toys can support social and language development in children with Autistic Spectrum Conditions.

Victoria Bonnett

I completed my MPhil in the ChatLab, on children's knowledge transfer and perseverance with reference to learning goal orientation. Now I am training to be a Clinical Psychologist.

Eric Harris

I worked with Nicola Yuill on the TERENCE project, focusing on the evaluation of an adaptive learning software system designed for poor comprehenders. My work as research fellow over the past twelve years has been focused about the design and build of devices and installations, which support new forms of human computer interaction. I have explored the role of pervasive technologies within real world deployments, often using a participatory design approach to inform solutions. I am particularly interested in how the design of new and emerging technologies supports older people’s needs and wants. I lead a project called which seeks to engage the older community towards participatory design of technology.

Jenny Lyon

Jenny Lyon was a Chartered Educational Psychologist working with children aged 3 - 18 years. She assessed children for all developmental disorders but AD/HD was her specialism. She was also interested in pragmatic language difficulties, the nature and assessment of intelligence and the role of scaffolding in children's social and educational development.

Nora Goerg

I worked in the ChaTLab as an intern during autumn 2011 and looked at children's interactive communication and use of mental state language when telling a story. I am now doing a PhD with Martin Bohus in Mannheim, about a computer program which helps PTSD patients to do their trauma exposure at home.

Kate Howland

I am a lecturer in Informatics. My PhD research explored computer game creation as a writing development activity for young people, and involved the participatory design of software tools to support multimodal and interactive narrative creation. I worked with Nicola Yuill on the Terence project, which centres on an adaptive learning system for hearing and hearing impaired poor comphrehenders. My involvement was in the user-centred design and evaluation of the system in classroom contexts.

Stefanie Wunschel

As a visiting psychology student, I wrote my master's thesis in the ChaTLab on how differences in children's achievement motivation affect the way they teach younger children. I did a bachelor's degree in educational sciences, which is why my interests lie within the field of educational psychology.

A.Berna Aytac

As a visiting student in the ChaTLab I completed my Masters degree in Psychological Methods at University of Sussex. I investigated how children in small groups work together and how shareable interfaces can be adapted to support collaboration among children with special needs. I am now a doctoral student at University of Sussex.

Shems Marzouq

I completed a JRA internship in the ChaTLab in the summer of 2008. I moved on to studying for a PhD with Amanda Carr (nee Harris) at Roehampton University.

Lucy Metcalfe

I worked in the ChaTLab over the summer of 2011, looking at the lab's 'SCOSS' software to support children's collaboration round a multi-touch table. I was funded by a JRA bursary award.