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The Children and Technology Lab, headed by Nicola Yuill, is part of the Developmental and Clinical Psychology Group.

We are interested in how technology can be used to understand and support children working and playing together, at school and at home, in typical and atypical development, with peers, with parents and with teachers.  

An underlying theme of our work is the role of social interaction and collaboration in learning and development. How do interactions between peers support learning? How do parents scaffold children's learning at home? What role do teachers play in developing mastery and independence in children's approaches to learning? And how might technology be used creatively and innovatively to support these interactions?

NEW! Digital Bubbles seminar 2: The Developmental Bubble.  Brighton 23 March 2015: now FULL.

Nicola Yuill is keynote speaker at the Open University Annual Conference July 2015 and Relationships seminar at Norwich March 2015

Next Scaffolding seminar to be held at Canterbury Christchurch University 10th July 2015: Theory of mind and emotion.

Nicola Yuill, Sam Holt, Chris Girvan and Stefan Kreitmayer presented SCoSS and ComfyBirds at the ITASD Paris conference .

Find out more about the ChatLab by watching this Science Uncovered video.

Presentation to Nuffield Bursary Student Kane SteggesKane Steggles and Zoe Hopkins

Congratulations to  our Nuffield bursary student, Kane Steggles, whose paper on language alignment was accepted for the finals of the National Science and Engineering Competition

Research from the ChatLab showing how technology engages children’s attention and makes them more co-operative is discussed in the article in the Standard Supertask me: is the digital world turning kids into junkies or making them smarter?,  A fuller version is found in the December edition of Wired


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Children and Technology Lab, headed by Nicola Yuill.

@deevybee @DamienKempf @GallicaBnF A ruff trade record?

hear @Zeedlebug talking about alignment in autism at @warwickuni's 2015 Child Language Symposium:…

thanks to all of our helpers who were working hard behind the scenes at the excellent @DigitalBubbles seminar today!

Hanne de Jaegher: we need to start thinking in spectra, continua, between the extremes

Hanne de Jaegher: we need to stop thinking in dichotomies: td and asd, academics and practitioners, brain and context

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