Department of Politics

Outreach and impact

Student outreach

We regularly visit state schools and invite students and teachers to the Department to talk about our research and studying Politics. We are particularly committed to widening participation in our degrees to young people who typically experience barriers in progressing on to higher education.

Please get in touch with us if you would like one of our Faculty to visit your school.

Research impact

We regularly work with non-academic partners and practitioners to maximise the impact of our research.

We collaborate to design research agendas, conduct policy-relevant research, and to share research findings broadly with our partners and their networks.

Our international partners include the European Commission, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the International Labour Organization and the South Korean and Saudi anti-corruption agencies.

In the UK we work with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Cabinet Office, House of Commons Select Committees and all major political parties. We also work with NGOs such as Transparency International and the Electoral Reform Society (EDB). 

Media appearances

Our Politics faculty are often featured on the TV and radio and contribute articles to national and international publications, discussing topics related to their research.

Liz David-Barrett, Director of the Sussex Centre for the Study of Corruption
Dan Hough, Head of department and member of the Centre for the Study of Corruption
James Hampshire, Senior Lecturer
  • Are we less racist now than we were in 1965? Dr James Hampshire discusses the Race Relations Act on BBC Radio Surrey (from 13m 20s).
Sam Power, Lecturer
Becky Dobson, Doctoral Research Student