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Research Opportunities Fund: open for applications

20 January 2015

The Research Opportunities Fund is designed to provide funds for faculty to stimulate new interdisciplinary ideas, themes and synergies.

Sixth Form students visit Law, Politics and Sociology

6 January 2015

40 students from schools in Twickenham, Teddington and Richmond visited the School of Law Politics and Sociology (LPS) on 17 December to get a taster.

Sussex politics student selected to contest local constituency for Labour

24 December 2014

A Sussex politics student could become the country's youngest MP after being selected to contest a seat for Labour in next year's general election.

Sussex Research makes 11 awards in third round of Research Development Fund

15 December 2014

Sussex Research has made 11 awards in the third round of the Research Development Fund, which received 23 bids from faculty in nine schools.

Bodo Ramelow’s government in Thuringia: A step in to the unknown for Germany

8 December 2014

Bodo Ramelow has taken over the regional government in Thuringia. As he is a politician from the post-communist Left Party how significant or...

Criminology and Sociology lecturer interviewed by BBC World News

8 December 2014

Criminology and Sociology lecturer Dr Suraj Lakhani has given an interview to BBC World News which was broadcast to 350 million viewers....

Heather Keating to be Acting Head of LPS

5 December 2014

Professor Heather Keating is to be Acting Head of LPS pending the recruitment of a permanent replacement for Professor Stephen Shute.

Global index reflects China's efforts to bring corruption to light

5 December 2014

Politics Professor Dan Hough says while China's position on a global ranking of corruption perception has fallen, it doesn't mean the problem has...

UK Corruption down again but are we counting it right?

5 December 2014

The UK has improved its position in the Corruption Perceptions Index, but what does that actually mean? Politics Professor Dan Hough discusses the...

Politics research student awarded £1000 grant for 'Democracy and Participation in Latin America' conference

3 December 2014

Politics research student, Miguel Angel Lara Otaola has been awarded a £1000 grant to hold a conference in March 2015

Items 1 to 10 of 48

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