Degrees with Research Placement

If you are considering a career in scientific research, our MPhys in Physics (research placement) offers a unique opportunity to learn about real research methods and practices, working with a member of our faculty. There are lab-based and theoretical projects available.

As the first UK Physics department to create the research placement, this experience will develop your knowledge and skills to enhance both your studies, and your applications for graduate employment or a PhD.

Facts about a research placement

This is a paid project that takes place over the summer. You select a project in the Spring term. Once you have a supervisor assigned, you both agree when you will carry out the project.

Year 1 - 4 week placement

Year 2 - 8 week placement

Year 3 - 8 week placement (optional)

SEPnet logoThe project is assessed by a report. You may agree with your supervisor on additionally preparing a science poster, a journal review, or something else. We also encourage students to explore other avenues for gaining research experience, such as the University of Sussex Junior Research Associate scheme, and other organisations such as the Royal Astronomical Society and our partners in SEPnet.

Projects are available in the fields of:


Talitha's award winning research project

Talitha Bromwich with her JRA supervisor Dr Simon Peeters at the Posters in Parliament event in February 2014.Talitha Bromwich with her JRA supervisor Dr Simon Peeters at the Posters in Parliament event in February 2014.

Graduate Talitha Bromwich won a prestigious award based upon her research placement project. Talitha won 'most outstanding project' at an exhibition in Parliament in February 2014. Talitha spent the summer of 2013 working on the DEAP3000 dark-matter detector after being selected for the University's Junior Research Associate (JRA) scheme. The scheme is an opportunitey for talented and ambitious undergraduate students to participate in original research with staff and other members of the University community.

Talitha's project won first prize at the University's JRA poster exhibition, and she was then chosen to present her findings in Westminster as part of the annual Posters in Parliament exhibition. Talitha is currently studying for a PhD that is sponsored by industry.

Talitha says, 'Being embedded in an active research group is a fantastic way to experience what real physics research is like. It is super inspiring to see the physics you've been learning about in action and have the chance to explore advanced concepts and techniques. If you love experimenting, the Research Placement course is an incredible opportunity'.

Listen to Talitha talking more about her MPhys with Research Placement course:

Darren's perspective

Darren De Motte'The lecturers at Sussex are of the highest quality and are engaged in world-leading research. Their natural enthusiasm for physics shines through, making lectures more involving and exciting. They're also very friendly, and easily reached at any time for help on a one-to-one basis. Additionally, they can provide a lot of help getting a Physics-based job during the summer; for example they helped me get a position as a lab assistant for the University's summer school.'

Darren De Motte
Graduate in MPhys Physics with Astrophysics and currently studying for a PhD at Sussex