Public events

We run a series of public events during the course of a year, the full details of which you can see below. To access a PDF poster of any of our talks, simply click on the image.

Directions to the University of Sussex campus can be found on our directions webpage, and while we recommend travelling by train or bus to the campus, car parking on campus is free after 5pm.

Institute of Physics
(South-Central Branch)

Our Institute of Physics evening lecture programme, 2016/17.

IOP talks 2016/7

The Institute of Physics evening lectures are held at the University of Sussex campus on Tuesdays, 7-8pm in the Pevensey 1, 1A7 lecture theatre.

The IOP evening lectures are accessible and understandable to all (see our recorded lectures page to watch some past evening talks). We usually get between 50 and 150 people attending our evening lectures, with the audience consisting of some of our undergraduate students, practicing and retired physicists, and local school and college students usually making up a third of our audience.
Details about individual lectures can be found below.

Sussex Universe
Lecture series

Our Sussex Universe evening lecture programme, 2016/17.


Sussex Universe talks 2017

Our Sussex Universe series lectures are organised by our undergraduate students, and are so aimed at a level suitable for our undergraduates and A-level students. We usually get between 50 and 150 people attending the lectures, with the audience consisting of some of our undergraduate students, practicing and retired physicists, and local college students.

Members of the general public are very welcome to attend!

Nanoscale Building Blocks for Tomorrow’s Technologies

Prof Alan Dalton

Material Physics Group, University of Sussex.

Tuesday 14th March 2017, 7pm - 8pm
Pevensey 1 1A7 Lecture Theatre, University of Sussex

IOP evening lecture - March 2017

In the last two decades a plethora of exciting new nanomaterials have emerged such as carbon nanotubes, graphene and metal nanowires. These materials have incredible physical and chemical properties and have the potential to revolutionize technologies in a range of areas from engineering to medicine. I will discuss recent advances in the controlled assembly of these nanoscale building block into functional materials and devices. Through precise control of this assembly process it is possible to develop new technologies with unsurpassed functionality. I will describe a range of application areas including new touchscreen technologies, active tissue scaffolds and artificial muscles highlighting the potential for nanotechnology to change our lives in the coming years.

Linear Colliders:  A Tool for our Understanding and Exploration of the Universe

Dr Fabrizio Salvatore

Experimental Particle Physics research group, University of Sussex.

Sussex Universe Talk - Fab

Thursday 9th March 2017, 7pm - 8pm
Fulton B Lecture Theatre, University of Sussex


Stargazing Live at The University of Sussex

6.30pm - 9pm, Wednesday 24th January 2018
Our annual event of Stargazing Live!

All are welcome to an evening of astronomical activities we host each January! No prior knowledge necessary - all the exhibits and activities on site are accessible for everyone. We set up telescopes and actas guides on how to use them for observing Mars, Venus, Orion and nearby star clusters; have a planetarium running a 30 minute show "We Are Astronomers;" have interactive demonstrations of nuclear fusion using Lego; have a panel session with author Dr. John Gribbin and other University of Sussex researchers, and more! Full details on this year's Stargazing Live event are viewable on its own page.