ATLAS Boosted Object Tagging 'Hackathon'

Dr Lily Asquith of the Experimental Particle Physics (EPP) research group is hosting a workshop at Sussex from 24-26 April. This is the second in the ATLAS Boosted Object Tagging series, and is taking the novel form of a “hackathon”. ATLAS physicists from Denmark, Germany, Japan, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, USA and UK will be attending: a mixture of experts and students with interests in jet physics. Lily has provided ten full scholarships for students to attend this workshop from her Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship grant.

The attendees will receive hands-on training on 7 topics considered crucial for driving new developments in jet physics and software, with the aim of uncovering new physics in the high energy collisions recorded by the ATLAS detector at CERN. Thanks to the support and ingenuity of Benedict Allbrooke and Leo Rojas, the attendees will have full access to the large datasets and collaborative tools needed for these studies via the Sussex HPC cluster, allowing for exceptionally efficient work in the key areas being tackled.

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By: Justine Charles
Last updated: Thursday, 20 April 2017