Take 5 Digital Productivity 11th-15th June

Monday 11 June 0:00 until 0:00
Part of the series: Technology Enhanced Learning staff development

This bitesize online course will help you look at ways in which you can do things better, faster and/or more flexibly by using digital tools.

Over 5 days you will try out a range of apps that can be used across your devices to help things such as: communication and collaboration; managing and organising tasks; notemaking.

Each day's activities can be completed in about 30 minutes, but you can spend as little or as much time on each day’s activities as you want - and fit them into your day as you want.

By the end of this course you should have identified and started using some tools that work in your own context. Many of the tools we will look at can be used for personal/domestic activities as well as work and/or study and would be equally useful to staff and students.


This is an online course in Study Direct.

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By: George Robinson
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Last updated: Thursday, 26 April 2018