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Sussex space scientists help to reveal brilliant world of starburst galaxies

5 December 2012

University of Sussex astronomers and scientists in Hawaii have helped to reveal hundreds of starburst galaxies – the birthplace of the stars.

Jack’s spark of enthusiasm to aid top physics experiment

19 September 2012

Jack Miller’s work will help scientists to avoid catastrophic breakdowns in apparatus used in one of the UK’s most important physics experiments.

What our undergraduates did last summer

19 September 2012

Sussex undergraduates gave up part of their holidays to get a taste of research on a University scheme to inspire the academics of tomorrow.

Eleanor’s Higgs boson moment rounds off a great time at Sussex

16 July 2012

The discovery of the Higgs boson particle was a thrilling moment for Eleanor Tubman, who graduates this week with a degree in physics.

Sussex physicists celebrate role in historic discovery at Large Hadron Collider

4 July 2012

Sussex physicists were celebrating today (Weds 4 July) following news of a giant step for science with the discovery of a tiny sub-atomic particle.

Researchers find that massive black holes halt star birth in distant galaxies

10 May 2012

Massive black holes may exert control over the number of stars formed in the early lives of the galaxies in which they sit, astronomers have shown.

Paintball demo targets mysteries of quantum physics for TV show

26 October 2011

Physicist Dr Winfried Hensinger has been helping the BBC understand the complexities of quantum physics – by taking part in a spot of paintballing.

Sussex researchers help unveil new ‘ear on the universe’

22 September 2010

University of Sussex physicists will be working with the first major radio telescope to be built in Britain for decades.

Items 151 to 158 of 158

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