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Sussex launches pioneering Professional Staff Fellowships with global partners

15 November 2017

The University has launched an innovative programme for the exchange of professional services staff in partnership with top-tier world universities

Hunt for dark matter is narrowed by new University of Sussex research

15 November 2017

Results disprove existence of a type of light axion

RSE Enterprise Fellowship for Research Fellow James Waterfield

7 November 2017

James Waterfield, a Research Fellow in the Experimental Particle Physics group, has won an RSE Enterprise Fellowship. He is one of only seven...

Sussex physicists have breakthrough on brittle smartphone screens

25 October 2017

A new ‘potato stamp’ technique combining silver and graphene may create cheaper, more flexible and eco-friendly screens.

Can scientists predict the future? How will quantum computing change our lives?

19 October 2017

Winfried Hensinger, Professor of Quantum Technologies and Head of the Ion Quantum Technology Group at Sussex, has co-authored a popular science...

Sussex proud to be part of major new project to explore mysteries of the universe

21 September 2017

The University of Sussex is heavily involved in a world-leading particle physics experiment that has just received substantial UK Government backing.

Obituary: Leon Mestel (1927-2017)

20 September 2017

Tributes have been paid to the eminent Sussex astronomer and astrophysicist, Emeritus Professor Leon Mestel FRS, who died on 15 September, aged 90.

Graduate Rachel Harries joins the Outreach team

20 September 2017

The Department is delighted to welcome back graduate Rachel Harries who through The Ogden Trust, a charitable trust promoting the teaching and...

Sussex physicist adds a little stardust to the daily commute

15 September 2017

Two of Brighton’s number 25 buses have been decked out with science for a year.

Buses get a stellar makeover for science

31 August 2017

Two Brighton buses will be decked out with science for a year, in a project organised by Dr Lily Asquith, a physicist at the University of Sussex.

Items 1 to 10 of 160

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