Department of Philosophy

Past events


The Ends of Phenomenology: A Graduate Conference in Phenomenology
19 - 20 May 2011, University of Sussex
Thursday 19 May 2011 9:30 - 18:40pm in Arundel 1B
Friday 20th May 2011 8:30 - 18:45pm in Friston 113
Keynote speakers: Charles Guignon (University of South Florida) & Robert Bernasconi (Pennsylvania State University)

Thought and Language about Fictional Entities
6 May 2011, University of London

British Society for the History of Philosophy Annual Conference
29 - 31 March 2011


4 June 2010. Beckett, Blanchot and Philosophy
1st Session: 12:30 - 2:30. Graduate papers. Chair: Dr. Katerina Deligiorgi (University of Sussex)
2nd Session: 2:45 - 4:00.Keynote paper: Dr. Dirval Tubridy (Goldsmiths College) Keeping Company with Beckett & Blanchot. Respondent: Professor Boxall (University of Sussex). Chair: Dr. Keston Sutherland (University of Sussex)
3rd Session 4:10 - 5:10. Graduate papers. Chair: Dr. Adrianna Bontea (University of Sussex)
5:15 - 6:30 Keynote paper: Professor Leslie Hill (University of Warwick) Nietzsche in the Infinite Conversation. Respondent: Dr Paul Davies (University of Sussex)
Location: Arts A155
Organiser: Steve Watt

13 May 2010. Utopia, Dystopia, Critical Theory: Graduate Conference in Social and Political Thought
Keynote speaker: Dr Peter Osborne (University of Middlesex)
Location: Essex House 18
Time: 9am - 6pm
Organiser: Chris Allsobrook

20-21 May 2010. Launches and Re-Launches: Graduate Conference in Phenomenology
Keynote Speakers: Dr. Lawrence Hatab (Old Dominion University) Dasein: the early years?; Dr. Robert Bernasconi (Pennsylvania State University) Totality and Infinity and its reception?
Location: Essex House 18 (20 May) Friston 112 (21 May)
Organisers: Christos Hadjiioannou, Alexandra Popescu and Dr. Joseph Ward

March 2010. Undergraduate Conference
Speakers: Sophie Cullinane, Charlotte Fawcett, Yon Borthwick, Ezra Cohen, Adrienne Roussel, Lianne Hitchen  


March 2009. Undergraduate Conference


August 2008. Space and Time in Kant and Post-Kantian Philosophy. Conference of the UK Kant Society
Speakers: Paul Abela (Acadia), Lucy Allais (Sussex), Pamela Sue Anderson (Oxford), John Campbell (Berkeley), Steven Galt Crowell (Rice), Françoise Dastur (Nice), Leslie Stevenson (St Andrews).

June 2008. Inaugural Conference of the Centre for Philosophy and Literature Speakers: Prof. Jonathan Lear (Chicago), Paul Davies ( Sussex), Alexander Garcia Düttmann (Goldsmiths), Stephen Mulhall (Oxford), Kendall L. Walton (Michigan), Nicholas Royle (Sussex), Kathleen Stock (Sussex).

March 2008. Undergraduate Conference

February 2008. Philosophical Poets Speakers: Professor Joe Friggieri (University of Malta), Hilary Lawson, Professor Simon Critchley (New School for Social Research), Professor Ulrich Schoedlbauer (Fern University Hagen), Dr. Nicholas Bunnin, (Oxford). 


September 2007. Society for European Philosophy and the Forum for European Philosophy Third Annual Joint Conference
Plenary Speakers: Frederick Neuhouser (Barnard College, Columbia), Cristina Lafont (Northwestern), Rüdiger Bittner (Bielefeld), Alexander Garcia Düttmann (Goldsmiths). 


May 2006. Adorno Workshop: Negative Dialectics 40 Years On.
Speakers: Gunnar Hindrichs (Heidelberg), Alexander Garcia Düttmann (Goldsmiths), Andrew Bowie (Royal Holloway), Andrew Edgar (Cardiff), Nicholas Walker (Cambridge), James Gordon Finlayson (Sussex), Keston Sutherland (Sussex), Daniel Steuer (Sussex).


June 2005. Free Will, Agent Causation and Kant. Conference of the UK Kant Society.
Speakers: James Harris, Robert Hanna, Adrian Moore, Eric Watkins, Barry Stocker, Oliver Sensen.


September 2004: Nietzsche and Ethics. 13th Annual Conference of the UK Nietzsche Society. Speakers: Maudemarie Clark (Colgate University), Rosalyn Diprose (University of New South Wales), Volker Gerhardt (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin), Brian Leiter (University of Texas at Austin), Henry Staten (University of Washington).