Annual lectures online

Throughout the year, the University of Sussex is host to an exciting series of public lectures that illustrate the breadth and quality of research being conducted at the University.

Most lectures are recorded and made available here in a number of formats.

University of Sussex Lecture 2011: Theatre, Live Art and the Skenabiotope

Professor Sally Jane Norman

17 March 2011
Speaker: Professor Sally Jane Norman, Director of the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts - School of Media, Film and Music

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University of Sussex Lecture 2010: The 300 million year war

Professor Sue Hartley

18 March 2010
Speaker: Professor Sue Hartley, Professor of Ecology - School of Life Sciences

University of Sussex Lecture 2009: Deciphering the Universe

Professor Andrew Liddle

22 April 2009
Speaker: Professor Andrew Liddle, Professor of Astrophysics - School of Science and Technology

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University of Sussex Lecture 2008: Energy, climate change, and nuclear power

Gordon MacKerron

21 April 2008
Speaker: Gordon MacKerron, Director, Sussex Energy Group - SPRU - Science and Technology Policy Research

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University of Sussex Lecture 2007: A certain idea of Europe: can European integration survive eastern enlargement?

Alan Mayhew

14 March 2007
Speaker: Alan Mayhew, Jean Monnet Professor and Professorial Fellow of Politics and Contemporary European Studies - School of Social Sciences and Cultural Studies

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University of Sussex Lecture 2006: The One Percent World: Managing the Myth of Religious Extremism

16 March 2006
Speaker: Shamit Sagga, Professor of International Relations and Politics - School of Social Sciences and Cultural Studies

What is the scale of Muslim religious extremism, including violence, in Britain today? And how should we respond to this challenge?

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