2015 lectures online

Throughout the year, the University of Sussex is host to an exciting series of public lectures that illustrate the breadth and quality of research being conducted at the University.

Most lectures are recorded and made available here in a number of formats.

Journey into the unknown

Dominic Kniveton

17 November 2015
Speaker: Dominic Kniveton, Professor of Climate Science and Society - School of Global Studies

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Draper Lecture 2015 - Man's Inhumanity to Man: What Price Imprisonment?

Lord Ramsbotham GCB CBE

11 November 2015
Speaker: Lord Ramsbotham GCB CBE

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Social Work Research: Identity, Interdisciplinarity and Impact

Elaine Sharland

03 June 2015
Speaker: Elaine Sharland, Professor of Social Work Research - School of Education and Social Work

Social work is a long established profession, but a relatively new research discipline and field. This brings distinctive challenges and opportunities for academic social work research, and also raises intriguing questions for cognate disciplines and fields. Drawing on her experience as an outsider (non-social worker) looking in, and an insider (social work researcher) looking out, Professor Sharland’s lecture takes a personal and intellectual journey to explore the nature of research identity, the conditions of disciplinarity and interdisciplinarity, and what it takes for our research to impact on the worlds we hope to change.

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No justice without care

Jo Bridgeman

11 March 2015
Speaker: Jo Bridgeman, Professor of Healthcare, Law and Feminist Ethics - School of Law, Politics and Sociology

This lecture will argue that the legal construction of the patient as a separate, isolated, individual, protected through the legal doctrine of consent with reference to principles of respect for autonomy and self-determination, results in a failure to recognise the centrality of caring relationships to both children and adults. With reference to a range of high profile cases, the lecture will examine examples where the courts have attempted, and those in which the courts have failed, to recognise the importance of caring relationships to high quality healthcare and that the legal framework needs to respect both the individual rights of patients and the relationships they have with those who care for, and about, them to support good practice in healthcare: that there is no justice without care.

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The eternal battle between new and old: what frogs have to say?

Emmanuel Mamatzakis

24 February 2015
Speaker: Emmanuel Mamatzakis, Professor of Finance - School of Business, Management and Economics

Unravelling Ariadne's thread of the Greek debt crisis is by no means an easy task. Undoubtedly though, one cannot fail to notice that the sovereign debt crisis has opened Pandora’s box with far-reaching implications. The aftermath of the debt crisis is evident in all forms of economic activity. The recession has been dramatic and reached a scale hardly seen in a developed economy during a peace period.

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Getting on and falling out: The role of peer relationships in child development

Robin Banerjee

11 February 2015
Speaker: Robin Banerjee, Professor of Developmental Psychology - School of Psychology

Children’s interactions with their friends can provide enduring memories of playful companionship, exciting games and a warm sense of belonging. Yet we also know that a child’s journey through the social world of friendships and peer groups can present many challenges. This lecture will explore a programme of research investigating the interplay between how children think, feel and behave in the context of their peer relationships. We will grapple with fundamental issues in children’s education, family life and contemporary consumer culture, and consider strategies for responding to society’s most pressing concerns regarding children’s development.

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