Learn from internationally-recognised composers. At Sussex, our extensive range of modules, from popular and electronic music to screen music and performance, means you can tailor your degree to your passion.

Key facts about Music at Sussex

  • you learn from leading academics in specialist facilities 
  • you have 24-hour access to dedicated computer workstations, practice rooms with pianos, production studios and online recording libraries, as well as electronic studios for recording and post-production, and venues on campus for live performances
  • you can join the University's orchestra, chamber choir, and musical theatre societies - so you can develop your skills outside the classroom
  • you are taught by internationally-renowned academics with expertise in composition, performance and research, which feeds directly into their teaching
  • we have a number of awards for undergraduate students every year - this can help boost your employment prospects. Find out more about our undergraduate awards.
Rachel's student perspective

‘Sussex has a really exciting and modern approach to music. We study the past with a view to what’s coming in the future. The tutors are all experienced composers and musicians, and so have a real insight into what it takes to write and perform music with passion and originality. They guide us, but we’re never constrained as creators. I wouldn’t give up my experience at Sussex for anything.’

Rachel Farago
Music BA