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Sussex PhD student creates musical instrument featured in the soundtracks of Joker and Chernobyl

10 October 2019

A PhD student at the University of Sussex has invented an eerie-sounding musical instrument, the halldorophone, heard on the soundtrack to Joker.

Preparing the perfect podcast – Spinelli shares his secrets

8 October 2019

On Tuesday 15 October, Martin Spinelli is hosting a free podcasting event in Brighton for everyone interested in podcasts and podcasting.

Sussex Humanities Lab enters a new development phase

7 October 2019

A secure budgetary settlement has been confirmed for the Lab to support research in the Digital Humanities for the next three years to August 2022.

Sussex at the Brighton Digital Festival

26 September 2019

Six upcoming Brighton Digital Festival events will showcase University of Sussex projects and researchers.

Sussex team reveals the BBC’s role in secret military activities during World War Two

3 September 2019

Experts from the University of Sussex School of Media Film and Music worked with the BBC to uncover the corporation’s role during World War Two. .

Music and Machine Learning

30 July 2019

Dr Chris Kiefer's article shows how to create a model based on existing sounds, which can be used to create new variations of the source material.

New Doctoral Training Partnerships appointments

16 July 2019

Professor Kate Lacey and Professor Alan Garnham appointed to leadership roles.

Former President of Zambia visits Sussex

12 July 2019

Dr Guy Scott met former colleagues and current students studying AI and computer science before giving a talk about his journey from Zambia to Sussex.

“Amazing showcase” at Education Awards ceremony

12 June 2019

It was an evening of praise, celebration and overwhelming emotions at the University's Education Awards ceremony on Tuesday (June 11).

Building a Better World – Sussex shows the way

7 June 2019

The University this week hosted a gala evening to celebrate all the Sussex students, staff, alumni and supporters who make the world a better place.

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