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MPS Visitor Policy

If you have any queries about applying for visitor status, please contact the School Administrator.


School policy
Please refer to the School policy in relation to applying for visitor status.

Policy for Visitors to MPS [PDF 477.32KB] 

  1. Policy Statement

The School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences encourages 'Visiting' appointments to be offered to researchers and scholars who will contribute to the intellectual life of the School. Appointments can be made for periods of one month to three years, and must be approved by the relevant Heads of Department and ultimately the Head of School.
Normally, 'Visiting' status is offered to members of faculty at another institution, either in the UK or abroad, those working in the public or private sectors, and/or self-employed research consultants.
The Visitor Status can apply to visitors who are connected but will not be based on campus as well as for visitors to be based within the School. Serious consideration must be given to the matter of work and/or laboratory space before an offer is made. In the case of a visitor being based at Sussex, a monthly bench fee may be applied to cover costs of administration, office space, and access to library and sporting facilities (see Appendix A for current rates). This charge just meets the costs that School will pay through the University Resource Allocation Mechanism. Requests to waive or reduce the fee will be considered where there is a strong academic rationale and the proposed visitor is from an institution with limited resources. This is considered a ‘formal’ application for Visiting Status at the University (see section 3).
In certain circumstances, a member of staff may wish to invite a visitor to undergo a short-term research project or collaboration. This is encouraged but should be discussed with the Head of the Research Group and/or the Head of Department. It should not be assumed that this can proceed without approval. As above, serious consideration must be given to the matter of work and/or laboratory space, and insurance considered before an offer is made. This is considered an ‘informal’ application.

2. Proposing and Sponsoring a Visitor

A Sponsor is the Fellow's key personal link with the Department and School, and this link should be developed before making an application. The sponsor will subsequently:
  • Endorse and support your application
  • Help you to integrate into the School and relevant Department professionally and socially
  • Arrange appointments for you to meet others in the School with overlapping interests
  • Give advice on practical aspects of living in the local area
  • Explain the administrative procedures within the School
  • Interact with you on a regular basis in connection with your study programme
Those sponsoring the appointment of a Visiting Fellow should agree with the Fellow in advance what outputs are expected from the Fellowship. These would normally include one or more of the following:
  • Giving a seminar to faculty and students or a Guest Lecture within an undergraduate or postgraduate course
  • Production of a working paper or equivalent
  • Giving advice to students (e.g. on dissertations, careers)
  • Production of a collaborative research proposal with a member of faculty 
Making a Formal application
All recommendations for visitors with honorary titles must be made to the Head of Department in the first instance and subsequently by the Head of School on this form:
This must be accompanied by a brief rationale for the appointment and CV. If agreed, Human Resources then issue a formal appointment letter. All appointees must be able to prove their Right to Work in the UK, according to the regulations of the government agency UK Visas and Immigration, and will be expected to attend the campus and produce evidence of this in person.
Making an Informal application
All recommendations for informal visitors must be made to the Head of Department in the first instance on this form:
Informal Visitor Form [DOCX 21.90KB]
Once approved, the form should be returned to the School Administrator to enter the visitor on the University database. This will enable an ID/library card and Sussex IT netowrk account to be enabled.
Visiting Research Students
Please refer to the University Regulations regarding Visiting Research Students. Students may be required to register with the University for visits of a duration of more than one week.
The policy can be found on page 31 of the Handbook for Research Supervisors and Directors of Doctoral Studies
Visitor Information Pack
The School Office produces a visitor pack with useful information about the campus, and various contact points.
To request a pack, please contact
Practical Matters
  • Where to Stay

  • Access to Sussex IT network

  • No Eduroam? Try the 02 network

  • Please find the visitor expenses claim form here 

  • Parking vouchers are available for £2 per day from the School Office (please note we only carry a limited supply so if expecting a large number of visitors please advise us beforehand).