School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Purchasing computer equipment

Computing equipment for PhD students

MPS has agreed a policy of provision for research students:

The responsibility for funding a computer for a new PhD student lies with the supervisor in the first instance and the supervisor has several routes to consider for funding:

  1. Use the RTSG if available;
  2. Use devolved budget or start-up funds or alternative if available;
  3. If neither of the above is available, make a request to the Head of School.

Hardware should be purchased through ITS, where possible, as they will provide the maintenance and support for the machine. Administrative rights remain with ITS unless specifically requested to be with the equipment user. Equipment purchased directly from suppliers may not be maintained or supported by ITS.

Standard Equipment specification:

There is a list of equipment available on the ITS webpages.

The person delegated to purchase from ITS is the School Administrator, Gemma Harman (Email:


Computing equipment for staff

From 2015/16,the vouchers which were issued to Schools and Units are now no longer in use.  All staff workstations will be automatically replaced after four years and this system will be known as the Asset Replacement Process

What will happen now?

The School Administrator will be contacted in due course regarding the replacement of equipment which can be timetabled and prioritised according to the needs of the school.

What happens to old equipment?

The replaced equipment will be put to use initially in postgraduate spaces, increasing resources for these students.

What about non-standard computers?

Any non-standard equipment that requires replacing will require an approved financial top-up for items which exceed the cost of standard issue computers.

Other purchases

Many staff will require additional hardware that is funded with/via university charge codes. There is a web form for placing orders for 'supported' hardware (workstations (Windows, Mac, Linux), peripherals and printers). All hardware that is not an Asset Replacement Process should be ordered via this web form.

To view a current list of supported hardware, visit the ITS Centrally Funded Workstations page and scroll to the bottom of the page. please note you can request alterations to the specifications, and if there is equipment you wish to purchase that is not on the list, we can discuss your requirements with ITS.

Hardware purchased in this way will be received and set up by ITS and installed by them, and supported and repaired by them as necessary.

If you have require high performance computing, you can contact the Research support Team in ITS to discuss your needs:

There are three ways to access:

1) via the ITS staff 'help' pages by selecting the appropriate option under 'Your request is for'

 2) directly via the link under the section 'Purchasing additional units or upgrades' near the bottom of the ITS Centrally Funded Workstations page

 3) directly from the ITS Equipment Ordering webpages.

Please be aware authentication is required.

Under no circumstances should computing equipment be purchased from suppliers that have not been approved by the University. If you have any queries about this please contact the Procurement Office. Under no circumstances should computing equipment be purchased by an individual and reclaimed using expenses.