School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

MPS New Staff Induction

Please use the following induction checklists to plan and deliver induction to new members of staff.
If you have any queries about the induction process, please contact the School Administrator.


New Staff Handbook
This is designed to be a reference guide for new members of staff to services and general information about the University and the School. This will be issued to new staff on their first day, and it is also recommended that line managers refer to it to signpost staff to information. It is not designed to be a complete handbook of individual roles.

MPS New Staff Handbook

Mandatory Health and Safety induction

All new joiners must participate in a Health and Safety induction, ideally on their first day at work. This will normally be delivered by the School Administrator, or Technical Services Manager. Where this is not possible, staff can access the materials here:

MPS Health and Safety Induction presentation (.ppt file) [PPT 18.74MB]

MPS Health and Safety induction presentation [PDF 581.10KB]

Mandatory Online Learning Courses

All new joiners must complete online learning courses through the online platform, LearnUpon. These courses normally take less than an hour to complete and can be accessed at a time and place to suit you. Please visit Organisational Development Online learning for information:

Login to your dashboard:

The following courses are mandatory:

GDPR, and Freedom of Information (to be completed within the first two weeks)

Prevent (to be completed within the first two weeks - this only applies to staff members who have been enrolled on the module)

Diversity in the Workplace, and Unconscious Bias (to be completed within the first month)

Fraud Awareness

All staff involved in transactions for the payment of fees by a student or their sponsor, agreements and contracts with commercial organisations, grants, gifts and donations should also complete Anti-Money Laundering training.

Depending on your role you may have additional mandatory training. Please check your LearnUpon dashboard. Please also consider taking up non mandatory LearnUpon courses and additional finance training, also available via the Finance Training webpage

New Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Reader/Professor induction

New Faculty induction checklist PDF [PDF 190.51KB]

New Postdoctoral Research (PDRA) staff induction

 New Postdoctoral Research (PDRA) induction checklist

Postdoctoral Research (PDRA) staff - Career Development

Please refer to the services offered by the Research Staff Office 

Within one month of starting, the Principle Investigator must arrange a meeting to discuss 'Start of contract discussion'

Useful resource for Principal Investigators employing research staff:


New Administrative staff induction

New Administrative staff induction checklist PDF [PDF 174.90KB]

New Technical staff induction

New Technical staff induction checklist PDF [PDF 176.68KB]

ITS induction materials

IT Services have put together a series of videos which can be used by new staff as part of their welcome and introduction to the University. We hope that these will enable staff to access the information at an appropriate and convenient time and, of course, staff are welcome to contact us with any queries. If headphones are not available, closed-caption text can be accessed via the CC in the lower right corner.

Please see our page for a list of the videos.