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Purchasing in MPS

Useful information and links to relevant resources for MPS staff and students.
For advice regarding tendering or purchasing research-funded equipment, please see the Procurement Office website


The default delivery address for orders placed via the Finance System is Pevensey 2 Building.

Depending on the size of the package it will either be delivered into your pigeon hole, be delivered to the School Office or delivered to the porters in Richmond Building. We ask that you be prepared to collect your packages promptly since neither the porters nor the School Office have much space to store packages. In addition, you will  need to Goods Receipt your items on the Finance System.

For large equipment deliveries, please make specific arrangements for delivery and expect to attend the delivery to sign for the goods.

Purchasing via Credit Card

The school now has access to two credit cards held by Cassandra Churchwell and Gemma Harman. In general Cassandra deals with orders for labs and research while Gemma deals with school running costs, conference fees and anything not covered by Cassandra. Both of our credit limits are fairly low, so please try to avoid using the credit card if at all possible. We will expect you to email your request specifying:

* Why it must be purchased on the credit card instead of the Finance System

* What it is - preferably with a direct link to the item to be purchased

* How much it will cost

* An account code against which this item should be charged

* Your name and the grant-holder name (PI) if appropriate

In most cases we will need to verify with the account owner (PI) that this purchase is acceptable before making the purchase.  There are also some hard limits on purchases which are permissible - in particular we cannot make purchases for more than £1000 per item; These need to go through the Finance System. 

We may query the order if it is related to items that are available via Finance System suppliers.


The School Office maintains a basic supply of materials that are available for use by staff and PhD students in the School.  This supply includes:

  • Printer paper
  • Pens
  • Whiteboard markers
  • Chalk
  • Staples, sellotape and paper clips
  • Writing pads
  • Envelopes

If you require any specific item of stationery, this can be ordered for you from Office Depot. We will require a sub-project from which to place the order. Please email with your request, and indicate whrn the items are required.

Setting up a supplier on the Finance System

If you regularly need to set up new supliers in the course of your work you should register yourself and manage the process via the finance system. Please visit the New Supplier Setup page for information on how to request a new supplier. 

If you have a one off new suplier request the School Office is happy to support you with this. Please fill in the Supplier Request Form  and send it to the School Administrator who will help manage the process. 

Gas and chemical supplies

Send requests for gas cylinders and liquid nitrogen to

MPS is paying an annual fee to JMS stores to retain the ability to:

  • Order stock items over the counter (gloves, tubing, etc.)
  • Order stock items from the chemistry store (alcohol, deionized water, etc.)
  • Order dry ice


Booking travel with Key Travel

The University's preferred travel supplier is Key Travel. This can be particularly cost-effective when booking long-haul, or making plans well in advance. A significant advantage is that it does not require using any personal funds which have to reclaimed via expenses. The payments are made between Key Travel and the University.

Please refer to this useful guide to using Key Travel.

Booking Hotels

To book hotel accommodation for visitors to MPS, please see this helpful guide.