School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Health and Safety

This web page contains local School information. Please visit the Health and Safety Office website for a full range of University policies, templates, training and guidance.


MPS Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Handbook - School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences [PDF 362.08KB]


Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

Please find the link to the online DSE assessment here.

For further information about workstation safety and eye tests, please follow the link to the Health and Safety Office.


Fire Safety

Please ensure you are aware of your nearest emergency exits, fire alarm call points, and what to do in an emergency.

Fire alarm tests schedule


Fire wardens list for MPS in Pevensey 2 and 3 buildings


Pevensey 2 Fire Risk Assessment 2015 [PDF 2.01MB]


Induction presentation for new Staff

MPS Health and Safety Induction presentation (.ppt file) [PPT 18.74MB]

MPS Health and Safety induction presentation [PDF 581.10KB]


Accident Reporting

In the event of an accident, emergency or incident where first aid or emergency services are required - please dial 3333 from an internal telephone, or 01273 873333 from a mobile telephone. All accidents, incidents or 'near-misses', should be reported through the Health and Safety Co-ordinators for MPS, listed below.


Risk Assessment

Risk assessment training is available via the Health and Safety Office: If you wish to discuss risk assessments, Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans, or any related matters, please contact Cassandra Churchwell.


Staff roles

School Health and Safety Co-ordinators: Cassandra Churchwell

School Laser Safety Officer: Marco Peccianti


Health and Safety Committee

The School has a Health, Safety and Environment Committee that meets twice a year. The meeting is chaired by the Head of School and minuted by Andrew Robinson (from 2018). The minutes are uploaded to the Study Direct forum for staff, 'MPS Forum'. All permanent staff in the School are associated with this site.