Sussex Centre for Migration Research

Recently completed PhDs

Completed PhD theses with links to final submitted theses on Sussex Research Online


Erica Consterdine


Interests, Ideas, and Institutions: Explaining Immigration Policy Change in the UK, 1990-2010

Jade Cemre Erciyes

Migration Studies

Return migration to the Caucasus: The Adyghe-Abkhaz diaspora(s), transnationalism and life after return

Kalle Hirvonen


Three essays on internal migration and nutrition in Tanzania

Debbie Humphry


Moving out? Moving on? A visual participative investigation into the inter-relationship between social, spatial and cultural mobility in the UK

Barbara Johnston

Migration Studies

Making and unmaking difference: a study of expatriate women's relationships with domestic workers in Singapore

Yacine Korid


French by association : the role of associations in a Parisian banlieue

Kate Nielsen


Study Abroad: Perspectives on transitions to adulthood

Elisa Pascucci


Reclaiming protection, contesting immobility: refugee political agency and the space of humanitarianism in a city of the global south

Kirat Randhawa

Migration Studies

Illness and healthcare experiences of recent low income international migrants in a UK city

Vesselina Ratcheva


Being nationalist : identity within a post-Ottoman state

David Rubyan-Ling

Migration Studies

Diaspora and diversity : an ethnography of Sierra Leoneans living in South London


Anusree Biswas-Sasidharan


The importance of “being modern”: an examination of second generation British Indian Bengali middle class respectability

Francesca Conti


Leaving or staying - an analysis of Italian graduates' migratory patterns

Daniela DeBono

Migration Studies

In search of the building blocks of a human rights culture: lessons from the treatment of irregular immigrants in Malta

Katrin Maier


Redeeming London: gender, self and mobility among Nigerian Pentecostals

Wael Mansour


Essays on human capital formation of youth in the Middle East: the role of migrant remittances in Jordan and armed conflict in Lebanon

Diana Mata-Codesal

Migration Studies

Material and social remittances in highland Ecuador

Cora Mezger


Essays on migration between Senegal and Europe: migration attempts, investment at origin and returnees' occupational status

Christina Oelgemöller

Migration Studies

Migration management: the radical violence of the international politics of migration

Kerstin Schmidt-Verkerk

Migration Studies

The potential influence of climate change on migratory behaviour - a study of drought, hurricanes and migration in Mexico

Giuseppe Scotto


The political participation of migrants: a study of the Italian communities in London

Christopher Smith


Assessing the impact of climate change upon migration in Burkina Faso: an agent-based modelling approach

Nadine Voelkner

International Relations

Human security assemblages in global politics: the materiality and instability of biopolitical governmentality in Thailand and Vietnam