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Workshops and Conferences

The SCMR supports a number of conferences and workshops. For more information, see below.

Moving Stories
Moving Stories: Representing Refugees and the Refugee Voice

November 25th 2016 6-8pm

How should refugees stories be told? Who has the right to tell them? Can they be used as effective advocacy tools? 

This performance and roundtable discussion addresses these questions.

Download the poster: Moving Stories [PDF 593.20KB]


School of Global Studies Roundtable:  The European Migration/Refugee Crisis

September 30th, 3-5pm, Global Studies Resource Centre

Organised by the School of Global Studies with the Sussex Africa Centre, Asia Centre and the Sussex Centre for Migration Research and the support of Student Action for Refugees (STAR).

Expert academics and professionals were assembled to facilitate a large group discussion that brought together over 100 people.Magnus Marsden and Ceri Oeppen shared their expertise on the situation in Afghanistan, highlighting among other things the history and geography of conflict in that region, and the influence of  Afghan diasporas in the countries to which they emigrate. PhD student Bashair Ahmed then shifted the focus to the Horn of Africa, showing how the accounts of refugees from remote Eritrean camps in Ethiopia and Sudan depict the dangers of their migration routes. Jenny Lansdell and Richard WIlliams from the Brighton & Hove City of Sanctuary (Sanctuary on Sea) then discussed issues faced by migrants once they arrive here, and highlighted some of the work that the sanctuary does to support refugees and migrants.

We have compiled the thoughts of panellists, as well as some reactions by students and faculty, into a series of blog posts; we encourage anyone who has an input in this issue to chime in with a comment or guest post. You can also get involved with Sanctuary on Sea.

2015 Graduate Conference 'Migration PhD network'

Graduate conference 20152nd Graduate Conference

This year’s conference took place 9th-10th March, and was broadly focused on three main themes: ‘Problems, challenges and innovation in the study of migration  and diversity’, ‘Migrant lives, experiences and emotion’, and ‘Political and policy dimensions of migration and diversity’.

Further details: Conference website or email