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SCMR Migration Seminar Series, Autumn 2018.  Arts C, C333, Wednesdays @ 3.30pm

3rd October Professor Paul Statham – SCMR, University of Sussex: Why all “Muslims” should not be lumped together as a ‘group’ and we need more cultural explanations than “religiosity” for so-called “liberal democratic values”.  SCMR Seminar T1 2018

11th October Dr Priya Deshingkar – Migrating Out of Poverty and SCMR, University of Sussex: Migration Industries in the Global South. Joint seminar with Sussex Africa Centre. *Note: THURSDAY, 4-6pm, C333*

17th October Professor Nuno Ferreira and Dr Moira Dustin – Law and Sussex Centre for Human Rights Research, University of Sussex. Queering asylum across Europe: Some preliminary comparative findings.

18th October Dr Robtel Neajai Pailey – Oxford Department of Development, University of Oxford, Between Rootedness and Rootlessness: (dual) Citizenship in Liberia. Joint seminar with Sussex Africa Centre. *Note: THURSDAY,4-6pm, C333*

22nd October Professor Henry Veltmeyer – Saint Mary's University, Nova Scotia, Canada. Agrarian Change, Migration and Development.Joint seminar with Centre for Global Political Economy *Note: MONDAY, 3.30-5pm, C333*

7th November Professor Tony Fielding – SCMR, University of Sussex, Not 'The Age of Migration': Declines in Internal Migration (Case Study Japan), and Reasons for a Decline in Global International Migration.

14th November Dr Ali Ali – Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford: Deciding to Leave: Coercion and Displacement in Occupied Iraq.

19th November Professor Peo Hansen, Institute for Research on Migration, Ethnicity and Society, Linköping University. Sound Finance, Toxic Politics: Why we ask how much the reception of refugees will cost, but not how it will impact on economic activity.Joint seminar with Centre for Colonial and Postcolonial Studies. *Note: Monday, 3-5pm, C333*

21st NovemberSCMR/JEMS FULL DAY MIGRATION CONFERENCE,Attenborough Centre (ACCA), University of Sussex: Confirmed speakers, so far: Professor David S. FitzGerald (Co-Director, Center for Comparative Immigration Studies, University of San Diego, US); Dr Sirijit Sunanta (RILCA, Mahidol University, Thailand); Professor Nicola Piper (Director, Sydney Asia Pacific Migration Centre (SAPMiC), University of Sydney, Australia); Dr Ilse Van Liempt (Utrecht, NL) others TBC...See separate page for details.

28th November Professor Mike Collyer – SCMR, Sussex: Naturalising: resettled refugees in the UK search for ‘normality’.         


Download the full programme here SCMR T1 2018 [PDF 826.97KB]





Migration Seminar Series - Spring 2018

7/2 Michaela Benson, Goldsmith University. Brexit and the politics of belonging among the British resident in the EU27: formations of privilege, migration and identity. **NOTE ROOM: FUL-201** 

21/2 Jolanda van Der Noll, FernUniversität in Hagen. Differentiated Stereotypes of Muslims in Germany Based on Gender and Sexual Orientation

8/3 (Thursday) Tahir Zaman, University of Sussex. The right of neighbourliness and the limits of hospitality: Islamic readings of displacement * NOTE DAY & ROOM: GSRC, Arts C*

21/3 Domna Michail, University of Western Macedonia. The Typology of Eastern European women's migration to Greece: Post-socialist narratives of gender and agency **NOTE ROOM: FULTON, FUL203**

18/4 Deirdre McKay, Keele University. Assembling 'modern slavery': why Filipino migrants seek domestic work in Britain

25/4 Maya Unithan and Ben Kasstan, University of Sussex. Culture, rights and mobilities: contested views on sex selective abortion in the UK.

2/5 Sine Plambech, Danish Institute for International Studies and Barnard College – Columbia University. Showing of documentary ‘Love on delivery’, on Thai/Danish marriage migration. Followed by clips from the latest documentary 'Between two worlds' and Q&A with anthropologist and director Sine Plambech. **ROOM A103**

Migration Seminar Series - Autumn 2017

26/9 Sirijit Sunanta, Mahidol University. Globalizing the Thai ‘high-touch’ industry:  Exports of care and body work and gendered mobilities to and from Thailand.

10/10 Sundari Anitha, University of Lincoln. Striking women: Struggles and strategies of South Asian women workers from Grunwick to Gate Gourmet

17/10 Gurminder Bhambra, University of Sussex. Citizenship and Migration in the Context of Brexit: Challenging the National Conceptual Frame

20/10, 12.30-2pm. Giovanna dell’Orto, University of Minnesota. Journalism and Refugees: Reporting practices, media coverage and public discourses about refugees’ flows and integration in the EU and the US **NOTE DAY & TIME**

24/10 Dora Sampaio, University of Sussex. A place to grow older… alone?  Living and ageing as a single older lifestyle migrant in the Azores

7/11 Itaru Nagasaka, Hiroshima University. Migratory experiences, transnational ties and self-making of young Filipinos in Italy

14/11 Anne-Line Rodriguez, SOAS. European Attempts to Discipline African Youths by Raising Awareness of the Risks of Migration: Ethnography of an Encounter

19/11 Migrant Lives Matter: All day celebration of global migration ACCA and Global Arts C

21/11 Jon Fox, University of Bristol. Pathological integration, or, how East Europeans use racism to become British

29/11 5th SCMR-JEMS International Conference
Professor Nancy Foner, CUNY; Dr Nando Sigona, University of Birmingham; Professor Eric Fong, Chinese University of Hong Kong; Dr Michaela Benson, Goldsmith University; Professor Karen O’Reilly, Loughborough University; Professor Naika Foroutan, Humboldt University; Professor Ronald Skeldon, University of Sussex.

Migration Seminar Series - Spring 2017

March 8th Marie-Dominique Aguillon, Aix-Marseille University. Hindering migrants’ departures and promoting returns: The new credo of the Euro-African Migration management approach?

March 15th Professor Mike Collyer, University of Sussex. Constructing Mosques: architecture, imagination, belonging

March 22nd Professor Russell King, University of Sussex.  ‘And Then Came Brexit’: Reactions and Future Plans of Young EU Migrants in London

April 5th Jon Sward, University of Sussex. Migration, land and livelihoods: Exploring the impact of changing land tenure norms on migrant livelihoods at rural migration destinations in Ghana

May 3rd Dr Robert Nurick, University of Sussex. The role of research in generating impact: the case of undocumented migration from Cambodia to Thailand

 May 10th Dr Vicky Johnson with Anannia Asmasu, Milki Getachue and Shubhendera Manshresthra, University of Brighton. Understanding uncertainty in migration in Ethiopia and Nepal

Migration Seminar Series – Autumn 2016

 Sept. 28 Professor Kaoru Aoyama, Research Centre for Promoting Intercultural Studies (Promis), Kobe University. The Fine Lines: Migration, Trafficking, Care and Sex Work

 Oct. 5 Dr Roy Huijsmans, International Institute of Social Studies in the Hague, Erasmus University Rotterdam. Being Youth, Becoming Mobile: Lao village youth, households and everyday cross-borderland mobilities

Oct. 12 Dr James Esson, Department of Geography, Loughborough University. Title tbc

 Oct. 15 ‘Migration Day Global Studies Event’ at Attenborough Centre and on Campus (separate programme)  

 Oct. 19 Dr Ruben Andersson, Oxford Department of International Development. The politics and perils of impact: an auto-ethnography of outreach amid the 'refugee crisis'

 Nov. 2 Professor Ricard Zapata-Barrero, Department of Political and Social Sciences, Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Title tbc

Nov. 9 Dr Thomas Chambers, Department of Anthropology, University of Sussex. Inside/Outside: Imagination and Migration in India and the Gulf

 Nov. 16 Dr Lucy Mayblin, Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick. Title tbc

 Nov. 23 Dr Paolo Boccagni, Universita’ degli Studi di Trento. Title tbc

 Nov. 30 4th SCMR-JEMS International Conference (Separate programme)

Confirmed Speakers:

Keynote: Professor Irene Bloemraad, UC Berkeley Sociology with commentary by Professor Marc Helbling, WZB Berlin Social Science Center; Professor Heaven Crawley, Chair in International Migration, Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations, Coventry University; Professor Sandro Mezzadra, University of Bologna, Department of Political Science; Professor Patrick Simon, The French Institute for Demographic Studies (INED); Professor Susanne Choi Department of Sociology, Chinese University of Hong Kong; Professor Alan Winters, CEO of the Migrating Out of Poverty Research Programme Consortium.


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