Sussex Centre for Migration Research

List of Working Papers




100 From Social to Intangible Remittances: A Conceptual Recalibration Janine Isabelle Pinkow-Läpple, Judith Möllers (2022)
99 Labouring Geography in a Global Pandemic: Social Reproduction, Racial Capitalism and World-Making Praxis Hannah Schling, Ben Rogaly (2022)
98 The Impact of Covid-19 Induced School Closures on the Educational Experience of Students with Latin American Immigrant Parents Pauline Klitzsch (2021)
97 ‘Immigration, Stupid!’ Or Was It? Re-Imagining Brexit as a ‘Wicked Problem’ [PDF 693.02KB] Russell King (2020)
96 Brexit, National Identity and the Print Media: A Discourse Analysis of Britain’s Pro-Leave Tabloid Campaigns [PDF 2.76MB] Joshua Vey (2019)
95 Barriers to (Re)integration: The Roma Return to the Western Balkans [PDF 385.94KB] Zana Vathi (2019)
94 Brexit as Rupture? Voices, Opinions and Reflections of EU Nationals from the Liminal Space of Brexit Britain [PDF 235.51KB] Calypso Owen (2018)
93 The Albanian Second Migration: Albanians Fleeing the Greek Crisis and Onward Migrating to the UK [PDF 218.37KB] Chaido Karamoschou (2018)
92 Beyond Migration Binaries and Linear Transitions: The Complexification of Greece’s Migratory Landscape at Times of Crisis [PDF 707.04KB] Manolis Pratsinakis, Panos Hatziprokopiou, Russell King (2017)
91 Instrumentalising the Influx of Refugees for Boundary-Change? The Turkish Community in the Pursuit of Social Acceptance in Germany [PDF 368.31KB] Baris Senay (2017)
90 New Knowledge Comes Home: Highly-Skilled Greek Migrants’ Aspirations for, Realities of, and Barriers to Knowledge Transfer [PDF 437.33KB] Kyriaki Fotiadou (2017)
89 Growing Older as a Refugee: A Study of Bosnian Refugees in the UK and their Experiences of the Ageing Process [PDF 372.88KB] Luciana Caffarelli (2016)
88 A Case of Bottom-Up, Slow, and Ongoing Political Integration? Naturalised Albanians in Italy [PDF 520.78KB] Eriselda Shkopi, Zana Vathi (2016)
87 Does Mobility within the European Union Shape Migrants’ Identities? The Case of Slovak Migrants in the London Region [PDF 633.55KB] Veronika Dvorakova (2016)
86 International Youth Mobility and Life Transitions in Europe: Questions, Definitions, Typologies and Theoretical Approaches [PDF 850.87KB] Russell King, Aija Lulle, Laura Moro┼čanu. Allan Williams (2016)
85 The Effects of Globalisation on Regional Migration in Italy [PDF 293.96KB] Giuseppe Celi, Giuseppina Testa (2016)
84 Gendering International Student Migration: A Comparison of UK and Indian Students’ Motivations and Experiences of Studying Abroad [PDF 509.62KB] Russell King, Gunjan Sondhi (2016)

Closing the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme: A Triple Loss [PDF 639.46KB]

Erica Consterdine, Sahizer Samuk (2015)

Young Baltic Graduates Living and Working in London: From Peripheral Region to Escalator Region in Europe [PDF 396.39KB]

Russell King, Aija Lulle, Violetta Parutis, Maarja Saar (2015)

When is a migrant not a migrant? Exploring white middle-class perceptions of difference in a ‘liberal’ British city [PDF 465.58KB]

Amy Clarke (2015)

Highly-Skilled Nigerian Migration as a Spatial and Temporal Continuum [PDF 546.23KB]

Melanie Mbah (2015)

The Perfect Alternative to Citizenship? Explaining the low take-up of the ‘long-term residency EU’ status: Germany as a case-study [PDF 685.88KB]

Mirijam Beutke (2015)

Second-Generation Turkish-Germans Return ‘Home’: Gendered Narratives of (Re-)negotiated Identities [PDF 497.08KB]

Nilay Kilinc (2014)

Going Back Home: Internal Return Migration in Rural Tanzania [PDF 790.05KB]

Kalle Hirvonen, Helene Bie Lilleør (2014)


Everyday mosque politics’: the Islamisation of space, a complex and negotiated politics [PDF 539.11KB]

Julius Baker (2014)

The Lure of London: A Comparative Study of Recent Graduate Migration from Germany, Italy and Latvia [PDF 523.45KB]

Russell King, Aija Lulle, Francesca Conti, Dorothea Mueller, Giuseppe Scotto (2014)

Population Mobility and Regional Development [PDF 554.84KB]

Tony Fielding (2014)

Seen but Unheard – A Case-Study of Low-Waged Tamil Migrant Workers in Singapore [PDF 2.10MB]

Wajihah Hamid (2014)

A Masculinist Perspective on Gendered Relations of Power: Rwandan Migrant Men in the UK [PDF 414.16KB]

Dan Godshaw (2014)


‘That’s Where my Perception of it all was Shattered’: Oral Histories and Moral Geographies of Food Sector Employment in an English City Region [PDF 460.31KB]

Ben Rogaly, Kaveri Qureshi (2014)

A Stratified Right to Family Life? Patterns and Rationales behind Differential Access to Family Reunification for Third-Country Nationals Living within the EU [PDF 498.16KB]

Reinhard Schweitzer (2014)

Victims or Criminals? The Vulnerability of Separated Children in the Context of Migration in the United Kingdom and Italy [PDF 458.93KB]

Annalisa Furia (2012)


Just a Matter of Choice? Student Mobility as a Social and Biographical Process [PDF 273.09KB]

Sören Carlson (2011)


Cyprus as a Multi-Diasporic Space [PDF 360.85KB]

Janine Teerling and Russell King (2011)


Of Corridors and Dyads: Unpacking the Family Dynamics of Remittance Transfers to Albania and Ecuador [PDF 356.08KB]

Diana Mata-Codesal, Russell King and Julie Vullnetari (2011)


From First-Generation Guestworkers to Second-Generation Transnationalists: Greek-Germans Engage with the ‘Homeland’ [PDF 425.92KB]

Russell King, Anastasia Christou and Jill Ahrens (2010)


Motivations of UK Students to Study Abroad: A Survey of School-Leavers [PDF 451.38KB]

Jill Ahrens, Russell King, Ronald Skeldon, Máiréad Dunne (2010)


Migration in a Time of Crisis: A Simple Conceptual Framework Applied to East Asian Migrations [PDF 280.46KB]

Tony Fielding (2010)


A Matter of Power? (Ethnic) Identification and Integration of Albanian-Origin Immigrants in Thessaloniki [PDF 194.25KB]

Zana Vathi (2010)


Inter-Regional Migration in a Transition Economy: The Case of China [PDF 523.57KB]

Tony Fielding (2010)


Local Identities, Identification and Incorporation of Albanian Immigrants in Florence [PDF 226.65KB]

Zana Vathi (2010)


Migration and Development: An Insight into the Experiences and Perceptions of Skilled Migrants Involved in the MIDA Great Lakes Programme [PDF 505.32KB]

Julie Héraud (2010)


Gender and Remittances in Albania: Or Why 'Are Women Better Remitters than Men?' Is Not the Right Question [PDF 407.73KB]

Russell King and Julie Vullnetari (2010)


New Brits? Migration and Settlement of Albanian-Origin Immigrants in London [PDF 315.89KB]

Zana Vathi (2010)


Idyllic Times and Spaces? Memories of Childhood Visits to the Parental Homeland by Second-Generation Greeks and Cypriots [PDF 154.57KB]

Russell King, Anastasia Christou and Janine Teerling (2009)


Transnational migration - Theory and method of an ethnographic analysis of border regimes [PDF 82.32KB]

Vassilis Tsianos, Sabine Hess, Serhat Karakayali (2009)


Temporary Foreign Workers in Alberta's Oil Sector [PDF 779.76KB]

Katherine de Guerre (2009)


Racialisation of central and east European migrants in Herefordshire [PDF 113.67KB] Leila Dawney (2008)


Internal and International Migration: Bridging the Theoretical Divide [PDF 1.16MB]

Russell King, Ronald Skeldon and Julie Vullnetari (2008)


'Turks' in London: Shades of Invisibility and the Shifting Relevance of Policy in the Migration Process [PDF 145.40KB]

Russell King, Mark Thomson, Nicola Mai, Yilmaz Keles (2008)


Rice & Coriander - Sensorial re-creations of home through food: Ecuadorians in a northern Spanish city [PDF 182.33KB]

Diana Mata Codesal (2008)


Changing Support for Asylum Seekers: An Analysis of Legislation and Parliamentary Debates [PDF 216.32KB] Emily Fletcher (2008)


Negotiating Italianità: Ethnicity and Peer-Group Formation among Transnational Second-Generation Italians in Switzerland [PDF 146.58KB]

Susanne Wessendorf (2008)


The Impacts and Experiences of Migrant Children in UK Secondary Schools [PDF 299.05KB]

Grace Reynolds (2008)


Ties That Bind: Families, Social Capital and Caribbean Second-Generation Return Migration [PDF 241.32KB]

Tracey Reynolds (2008)


Cultural Geographies of Counter-Diasporic Migration: The Second Generation Returns 'Home' [PDF 330.47KB]

Russell King and Anastasia Christou (2007)

44 Hidden Hands in Fair Trade Nicaraguan migrants and the labour process in the Costa Rican coffee harvest [PDF 95.87KB] Peter Luetchford (2007)
43 Accelerated Procedures for Asylum in the European Union: Fairness versus Efficiency [PDF 176.41KB] Sharon Oakley (2007)
42 Coordinating the Humanitarian Response to Refugee Situations: The Role of Power and Trust in Humanitarian Networks [PDF 160.64KB] Andreas Capjon (2007)
41 Negev Bedouin and Higher Education: At the Crossroads of a Community in Transition [PDF 145.29KB] Janine Givati-Teerling (2007)
40 Rural out-migration and economic development at origin. What do we know? [PDF 162.80KB] Mariapia Mendola (2006)
39 The Anti-Capitalist Movement and the Migrant Comparing Agendas and Debating Facilities [PDF 128.04KB] Daphne Sivetidis (2006)
38 Welcome to 'Monkey Island'. Identity, Community and Migration Histories in Three Norwich Estates [PDF 137.22KB] Ben Rogaly and Becky Taylor (2006)
37 Bulgarian Migrant Remittances and Legal Status: Some Micro-level Evidence from Madrid [PDF 179.57KB] Eugenia Markova, Barry Reilly (2006)
36 Intensification of work-place regimes in British agriculture The role of migrant workers [PDF 128.04KB] Ben Rogaly (2006)
35 Migrants on the edge of Europe - Perspectives from Malta, Cyprus and Slovenia [PDF 100.78KB] Mark Thomson (2006)
34 Muslim identity - The European context [PDF 118.75KB] Siobhán McPhee (2005)
33 Migration and education: Child migrants in Bangladesh [PDF 123.38KB] Laura Giani (2006)
32 Between care and control - Interaction between refugees and caseworkers within the Norwegian refugee integration programme [PDF 143.41KB] Oddveig Nygård (2006)
31 The Performance of Bulgarian Undocumented and Legalised Immigrants in the Spanish Labour Market [PDF 76.51KB] Eugenia M. Markova (2006)
30 The political genesis and legal impact of proposals for the SIS II: what cost for data protection and security in the EU? [PDF 132.74KB] Alice Garside (2006)
29 Challenges to policy and practice in the disarmament, demobilisation, reintegration and rehabilitation of youth combatants in Liberia [PDF 339.35KB] Caroline Bragg (2006)
28 Entrenched relations and the permanence of long-term refugee camp situations [PDF 124.80KB] Rebecca Napier-Moore (2005)
27 Quantifying the trade-migration nexus of the enlarged EU: A Comedy of Errors or Much Ado About Nothing? [PDF 454.57KB]  Chris Parsons (2005)
26 Cape Verdean Associations in the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon: their role in integration [PDF 235.49KB] João Sardinha (2005)
25 The people in-between. IDPs, Space and (Dis)placement in Sri Lanka [PDF 956.36KB] Jessica Skinner (2005)
24 The state and population mobility in the Great Lakes - What is different about post-colonial migrations? [PDF 135.21KB] Albert Kraler (2004)
23 Nomads, sailors and refugees. A century of Somali migration [PDF 450.72KB] Nauja Kleist (2004)
22 Next Stop Britain: The Influence of Transnational Networks on the Secondary Movement of Danish Somalis [PDF 92.98KB] Katrine Bang Nielsen (2004)
21 Temporary migration to the UK as an 'Au Pair': Cultural exchange or reproductive labour? [PDF 199.07KB] Emma Newcombe (2004)
20 Control and Deterrence: Discourses of detention of asylum-seekers [PDF 92.68KB] Mari Malmberg (2004)
19 Welcome Home? Minority return in south-eastern Republika Srpska [PDF 211.45KB] Lisa D'Onofrio (2004)
18 Images of Sangatte: Political representations of asylum seeking in France and the UK [PDF 533.73KB] Mark Thomson (2003)
17 Unorthodox Sisters: Gender Relations and Transnational Marriages among Malayali Migrants in Italy [PDF 383.04KB] Ester Gallo (2003)
16 Explaining Change in Established Migration Systems: The Movement of Algerians to France and the UK [PDF 342.29KB] Michael Collyer (2003)
15 Migration, Return and Socio-Economic Change in West Africa: The Role of Family [PDF 646.92KB] Richmond Tiemoko (2003)
14 Longitudinal Studies: An insight into current studies and the social and economic outcomes for migrants [PDF 587.57KB] Richard Black, Tony Fielding, Russell King, Ronald Skeldon and Richmond Tiemoko(2003)
13 'New Migration' in the 1990s: a retrospective [PDF 394.71KB] Chris Whitwell (2003)
12 Do Developing Countries Benefit from Migration? A study on the acquisition and usefulness of human capital for Ghanaian Return Migrants ~ not available Titia Sjenitzer
11 The Root Causes of Migration: Criticising the Approach and Finding a Way Forward [PDF 281.06KB] Saskia Gent (2002)
10 Migration and poverty reduction: evidence from the Ghana Living Standards Survey [PDF 3.40MB] Julie Litchfield and Hugh Waddington (2002)
9 Migration, return and small enterprise development in Ghana: a route out of poverty? [PDF 563.13KB] Richard Black, Russell King and Richmond Tiemoko(2003)
8 The Formation of Ethnic Representations: The Vietnamese in Poland [PDF 218.09KB] Aleksandra Grzymala-Kazlowska (2002)
7 Negotiating the local: youth adaptation processes in a Chinatown church [PDF 166.77KB] Nanlai Cao (2002)
6 Geographies of place, culture and identity in the narratives of second-generation Greek-Americans returning 'home' [PDF 419.60KB] Anastasia Christou (2002)
5 Promised Borderland: On the 'exceptionalism' of the UK system of migration control [PDF 418.17KB] Matthias Liedtke (2002)
4 A Matter of Decency? The Progress Party in Norwegian Immigration Politics [PDF 107.68KB] Anniken Hagelund (2001)
3 Harnessing the Potential of Migration and Return to Promote Development: Applying Concepts to West Africa [PDF 235.38KB] Savina Ammassari and Richard Black (2001)
2 Bosnians in Chicago: Transnational activities and obstacles to transnationalism [PDF 349.01KB] Ellen Wight (2000)
1 Access to Legal Services for Asylum-seekers in Britain: An exploratory study of recent developments [PDF 369.25KB] Trine Lester (2000)