Sussex Centre for Migration Research

Research Network - Mobile Professionals

Although 'Migration' as a research area has been growing considerably over the last few years, much of the literature has focused on low-skilled migrants moving from developing countries to Western industrialised ones. Far less attention has been paid, however, to Europeans and Americans who move abroad for professional or personal reasons, often for medium- or long term periods.

Recognising this, new research is emerging on what could be called 'mobile professionals', 'expatriates', or 'privileged migrants'. The aim of this 'research network website' is to raise awareness of these mobilities, which may be less dominant in the popular imagination, but the study of which provides a crucial complement to existing paradigms of 'who migrants are'.

As this is a nascent, constantly evolving field, this site might be helpful for prospective PhD students, current researchers, or those with a general interest in migration studies to get information about ongoing projects, as well as up-to-date publications. The people listed here are all involved in research on mobile professionals. Please feel free to contact them about their projects, or visit their own websites for more detailed information. If you would like to be included in this list, or add events, call for papers, weblinks or relevant publications, please contact us.