Sussex Centre for Migration Research

Progress of the research

The project started on September 1st 2013 and will run to the end of February 2017. It is a multidisciplinary and multi-methods research project that will develop existing approaches to the integration of refugees through a longitudinal comparative study of resettled refugees in four different UK locations (Brighton, Greater Manchester, Norwich, and Sheffield). There are three time points: 280 resettled refugees filled out a questionnaire about their lives, their attitudes, feelings, and well-being early 2014. Almost a year later, 219 of them filled out the same questionnaire again. Finally, 208 of them filled out a third questionnaire another year later. After each stage of the questionnaire, thirty individual interviews were held with a purposively selected sample of key informants in each area, allowing for more detailed exploration of emerging themes from the survey and capture the diversity and richness of refugee experience. We are currently about to finish the third and last data collection. In the meantime, our initial results and experiences have enabled us consult for the European Resettlement Network, Ashford Borough Council, and the IOM, and to present preliminary findings at various conferences and other meetings.