Sussex Centre for Migration Research

The Politicization of ‘Immigration’ and ‘Europe’ in Mass-Mediated Public Debates


The cross-national comparison central to the project significantly raises the explanatory potential and thereby quality of the research, as well as its value as an output, internationally. For this reason the pilot compares the UK and Sweden. First, this will improve the research by allowing the study of national contextual factors that account for variations. Second, for strategic purposes, including Sweden will kick-start and underpin a collaboration with the Malmo Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare (MIM), Sweden, whose Director Professor Pieter Bevelander has agreed to proceed with funded institutional research collaborations with the SCMR.

Research Questions

  1. Is there an increase in the salience of ‘immigration’ and ‘Europe’ as mobilized political issues over the last decade? (2005-2014 incl.) (over time comparison)
  2. When, how, and by which actors, are ‘immigration’ and ‘Europe’ mobilized as a political issues in the public domain? (actor comparison)
  3. To what degree and how are ‘immigration’ and ‘Europe’ linked as issues, when actors mobilize political demands? (issue comparison)
  4. What structural and political institutional conditions facilitate or hinder the politicization of ‘immigration’ and ‘Europe’ as political issues? (country comparison UK and Sweden)