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The SCMR is a broad church for migration research that is theoretically informed and policy relevant. In the Sussex tradition, our distinctiveness comes through a genuinely interdisciplinary approach, a truly global focus and topical coverage, and a critical but empirically informed stance. Our research projects are funded by academic funding bodies and government departments, including, among others, the Department for International Development, ESRC, AHRC, Nuffield Foundation, Leverhulme Trust, Joseph Rowntree Trust, UK Home Office, and European Union Framework programmes.

Projects held by SCMR researchers come in many shapes and forms. We have organised their presentation within four broad thematic areas. Please follow the links below for more information about our research projects, for information about publications, and about Visiting Fellowships.

SCMR Migration Blog

The SCMR Migration Blog welcomes contributions from academics and post-graduate students alike who are affiliated to the SCMR.

We publish writing by students based on their MA dissertations, doctoral research, as well as promoting publications and resarch of senior SCMR members.

For more information, or if you are interested in publishing your work in the SCMR Migration Blog, please contact Dr Sarah Scuzzarello ( and Dr Ali Ali (

Global Insights. Gaps between migration realities and policies: SCMR findings

We have just put together a briefing highlighting Sussex research on migrants’ experiences in migrating out of poverty, receiving humanitarian assistance to ‘integrate’ as refugees, and dealing with the consequences of (forced) return. The brief, called 'Global Insights on Migration' is available for download. Global Insights. Migration [PDF 242.31KB]

Global Insights_scmr