Although he has taught widely at undergraduate level in the past, Russell King's teaching has for many years been mostly at postgraduate level, especially on the MA in Migration Studies. He supervises a large group of doctoral students and some postdoctoral fellows, all working on migration. Applicants wishing to study for a PhD in Migration Studies should write in the first instance with a one-page outline of their research ideas to pg.enquiries@sussex.ac.uk

Recently completed DPhils at Sussex supervised by Russell include:

Current research students include:

  • Jill Ahrens: Intra-European Union Onward Migration of Nigerian Migrants (DPhil in Migration Studies).
  • Marlon Bristol: The Development and Welfare Impact of Return Migration and Return Migration Policies: A Case Study of Guyana (DPhil in Migration Studies)
  • Cemre Erciyes: Return Migration to the Causasus: The Adyghe-Abkhaz Diaspora(s), Transnationalism and Life after Return (DPhil in Migration Studies).
  • Angela Haynes: African Diaspora International Volunteering: Responding to 'Brain Drain' in the Health Professions? (DPhil in Migration Studies).
  • Eveline Odermatt: Migration in Development: A Multi-Perspective Analysis of Moldovan Migrant Associations in Development Initiatives (DPhil in Migration Studies).
  • Evangelia Sachperoglou: Female Immigrant Employment and Empowerment: Narratives of Albanian Women in Greece (DPhil in Migration Studies).
  • Dora Sampaio: Later-In-Life International Migration to the Azores: Unravelling Ageing Experiences and Social and Economic Implications in Place (DPhil in Geography).
  • Yvonne Salt: Romantic Love Relationships Between British Migrants and Spanish/Czech Nationals in the Context of European Integration (DPhil in Migration Studies).

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