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Be/com/ing Academic: A doctoral student/early career researcher symposium

Wednesday 24 May 9:00 until 17:00

Are you a doctoral student or early career researcher who has ever felt that, regardless of your academic accomplishments, you are about to be unmasked as a fraud? That you’ll never quite reach a stage of academic legitimacy?
Sound familiar? Join us. We want to start a conversation.
Where? The University of Sussex
When? 24th May 2017
What for? We are hosting a one-day symposium aimed at exploring the emotional dimension of being and becoming academic. The symposium will involve presentations from students, workshops, creative activities and panel discussions.
Why? We want to create a space for doctoral and early career researchers from across disciplines to explore the way our emotions shape our academic identities. What are the implications of this for how we both understand and contribute to knowledge production? Through this event, we intend to unpack different notions of what it means to both ‘be’ and ‘become’ academic, opening the space for innovative ideas around what an academic identity and academic engagement can encompass in today’s world.
How to be involved? We invite proposals for submissions from doctoral students and early career researchers across disciplines. To apply, please send a 250-word abstract or summary of your idea by 5pm on 1st March 2017. We welcome and encourage responses to the following questions:
“What is your emotional experience of being / becoming an academic?”
and / or
“How do these experiences influence the ways you work and the knowledge you produce?”

All styles of delivery are welcome, from Pecha Kucha or Ted Talk-style presentations, spoken word/slam poetry, musical, dramatic or artistic interpretations.

If you would like to know more about the event or have any questions, please email:

Organised by doctoral students in the School of Education and Social Work, University of Sussex.

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By: Nehaal Farrukh Hameed Bajwa
Last updated: Friday, 24 February 2017