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Dr Nicos Georgiou

Post:Senior Lecturer (Mathematics, Probability and Statistics Research Group)
Location:PEVENSEY 3 5C15A

Telephone numbers
UK:01273 876642
International:+44 1273 876642

Research expertise:
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Academic positions 

  1.  2017- (Current post) Senior Lecturer, University of Sussex
  2.  2013-2017, Lecturer, University of Sussex
  3.  2011-2013, Assistant Professor/ Lecturer (Postdoctoral Fellow), University of Utah
  4.  2006-2011, Teaching and Research Assistant, University of Wisconsin-Madison 


  1.  Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, May 2011
  2.  MA in Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, May 2008
  3.  BSc in Mathematics, National University of Athens, June 2006




Current role

  1. Administrative member/Organiser/Facilitator of `Starting to teach at MPS' initiative, June 2015- currently. 
  2. Faculty contact for the expository SUMS lectures (Please contact me if you want to give an expository math talk)

Past roles 

  1.  Member of the Mathematics Department Executive group, September 2016 - September 2017. 
  2.  Member of the MPS Teaching and Learning committee, September 2015 - July 2016. 
  3.  Deputy Chair of the Teaching and Learning committee, June 2014 - September 2017.
  4.  Member of the Teaching and Learning committee, September 2013 - September 2017.
  5.  Creator/Organiser/Facilitator of the ``Mathematics Intersession week", January 2016, January 2017 


Community and Business

Expository articles and public engagement

I strongly believe in communicating mathematics outside of mathematics or sciences.

Together with Prof. Enrico Scalas, we wrote two expository articles for The Conversation, that were later picked up for publication in other places, like the Newsweek:

  1. There's a mathematical formula for choosing the fastest queue (with E. Scalas), 7 May, 2017 
  2. Can Opinion polls ever be accurate? Probably not (with E. Scalas), 21 June, 2016  

We discussed some implications of game theory to epidemic modelling, together with Prof. Istvan Z. Kiss

  1. Game theory can help prevent disease outbreaks (with I. Z. Kiss), 12 September, 2018. 

My most recent expository article is concrned with the "Prisoner's dilemma". It is a very famous matrix game in which it seems that the two players are acting completely against their best interest. It fit perfectly with some of the strategies employed by the PM on convincing her MPS to vote in favour of her deal! Read the full explanation

  1. Will Theresa May's Brexit deal survive? Game theory has an answer. , 26 November, 2018. 


BBC Radio 4 Puzzle of the day

If you like puzzles, I have contributed a few to the Today show on BBC Radio 4. You can find the links below:

  1. Go-cart racing
  2. A magic trick
  3. A dinner party
  4. A (simpler?) magic trick
  5. Catch the slow train!
  6. A heavy storm
  7. Round for dinner
  8. Secret Santa