Department of Mathematics

Partnerships and Industry

We’re well connected in industry. Close partnerships with High Tech emerging companies and the Financial and Investment sector will provide you with invaluable industry insights, as well as the chance to meet potential employers and secure placement opportunities.

DC Storm

DC Storm is a UK-based digital-marketing company, with offices in Germany and the USA, which provides marketing optimisation services to more than 1,000 websites worldwide. In collaboration with DC Storm, and funded by SEEDA’s (South-East England Development Agency) Innovation Voucher Scheme, Mathematics at Sussex developed analytic tools that allow digital marketing companies to optimise the profitability of paid-for keywords. Led by Dr Istvan Kiss from the Department of Mathematics, this research has increased the performance of commercial operations and profitability for DC Storm, and as a result the company has been nominated for two Industry Awards.
DC Storm has employed six Sussex graduates and provided three internships since the research project began, and remain closely affiliated with the Department of Mathematics.


Moogsoft is a provider of "collaborative situation management" solutions for web-scale IT operations, with offices based in San Francisco, London and New York.

In 2015, Moogsoft funded an exciting three year PhD studentship to research innovative methods for monitoring and predicting failures in large-scale dynamic networks. This project is at the centre of a collaboration between Moogsoft, the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, and the School of Engineering and Informatics.