Department of Mathematics

Employer perspectives

Below you will find some comments from employers on maths graduates:


‘At GE we are looking for graduates who are confident, creative and ready to rise to the occasion to make things happen.  We have recruited a number of graduates in mathematics all of which have demonstrated these highly sort after skills.  What makes maths students so employable is their ability to approach problems in an analytical and rigorous way and to formulate theories and apply them to solve problems.’ 

Miranda Louey – Information Technology Leadership @ GE Healthcare

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'It is interesting that many Maths students we come across do not realise that they can transfer their skills very effectively into a career in IT. They have numerical and technical minds, they are natural problem solvers and logical thinkers, and being good with algorithms makes them equally as good with programming languages. They may have even covered MATLAB in their degree, which is easily assessed for technical graduate courses.

Just because Maths students do not come from an IT or Computer Science background, does not mean they are not capable of adapting to an IT environment and picking up the technical side of IT services as easily.'

Genna Singpo – FDM Group

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