Department of Mathematics


Protein computation and its implications

Tuesday 14 July 16:00 until 17:30
Speaker: Tom Khabaza
Part of the series: COGS Seminars

Abstract: In the brain, the chemical processes in post-synaptic proteins provide a great deal of computation. These processes have inherent properties similar to Piaget’s concepts of assimilation and accommodation, and models based on these processes are an important step forward for cognitive science and AI. This presentation introduces the topic of protein computation, and describes the building blocks and future directions for a new model of learning and cognition inspired by protein computation processes and by the research of Seth Grant and his team. The low-level properties of protein computation make the model naturally adaptive, distributed, resilient and exploratory. Protein computation models have both technical and ethical implications for the future of AI.

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By: Simon Bowes
Last updated: Wednesday, 17 June 2020